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    Dr. Werner Wolf (President)

    FC President, Dr. Werner Wolf is an experienced business leader and marketing expert. Within his professional career, football and especially 1. FC Köln were always closely linked. The Köln-based company, Intersnack was under his aegis as marketing director kit sponsor (funny frisch) from FC.

    From his time as head of the Bitburger Brewery, sponsor of the national team and lots of Bundesliga clubs, Dr. Werner Wolf brings a lot of personal contacts from the DFB, DFL and both the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga. Since 2016, Dr. Werner Wolf has advised start-ups and established companies in relation to digitalisation. Dr. Werner Wolf grew up in the Heinz-Flohe-Town of Euskirchen and as an FC fan. For more than 15 years, he has been a member of 1. FC Köln and was a member of the Verwaltungsrates from his time since 2003. After the sudden resignation of Wolfgang Overrath in 2011, he took over the head of the Verwaltungsrat and organised the handover of the President to Werner Spinner. Since Werner Spinner was elected as President in 2012, Dr. Werner Wolf has been a member of FC's Beirat.

    Privately, Dr. Werner Wolf was born in 1956 with his roots in the Eifel. He is a family man with four kids and three grandchildren, who are obviously FC fans.

    Eckhard Sauren (Vice President)

    With Eckhard Sauren, an experienced business leader, financial expert and experienced club president has been elected as 1. FC Köln Vice President. Eckhard Sauren stands for vigour and 27 years of successful business background. One of the keys to his success is his ability to evaluate chances and risks and make long-term decisions. He wants to bring this experience to FC.

    Eckhard Sauern has been an FC member for 11 years and a life-time member since 2015. Since 2014, he has been advising FC the advisory board in relation to finance and marketing questions. Since 2010, Eckhard Sauern has been president of Köln Horse Racing Club, and has given it new life and a return to success with innovative ideas and new partners. In this function, he has important contacts in the city. Through the annual FC Day at the Races, in April 2019 it achieved a new record attendance and is an important supporter of the FC foundation.

    Despite his roots being in Aachen, Eckhard Sauern is a Kölner at heart and has been an FC fan for 40 years. He has lived in Köln for 23 years and is the father of two children. He knowingly searched out the home for his family, so that he can travel to the stadium by bike.

    Dr. Jürgen Sieger (Vice President)

    Dr. Jürgen Sieger is the Vice President of 1. FC Köln. He worked in Köln for more than 20 years as a lawyer and as a partner of international law firms in the area of corporate law. Dr. Jürgen Sieger has been heading to FC regularly since the middle of the sixties and has been a member of FC for 15 years.

    He has also been a life-time FC member since 2015. At the wish of Werner Spinner, he was instrumental in shaping the new statutes in 2012 and took over the chairmainship of the KGaA in 2013, which he held until early 2016.

    During this time, he helped to set an important course for the economic consolidation of the club. He is still active in the board of turstees of a charitable organisation. Dr. Jürgen Sieger comes from the Voreifel and has lived in Köln since 1982. He has four children and two grandchildren, who are also FC members.

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