A Mascot with Tradition

Hennes is more than just a club mascot. He has been with FC through the ups and  downs - from the championship years to the struggles. The current Hennes is the eighth of his name, and can be seen at every one of the FC home fixtures. 

The History of Hennes

  • Hennes I.

    February 13, 1950 - November 4, 1966

    West German Champion 1954, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 
    West German Cup Winner 1953, 1964
    German Champion 1962, 1964

    The story begins in 1945 as the circus people of Circus Williams made their way from Prague to Neustadt at the end of the second World War. As they made their way through Orla, the circus people found an unmarked animal on the side of the street. Harry Williams, the director of the circus and himself an animal lover, decided to take the helpless goat with him. Four years later in 1949, this animal gave birth to Hennes I. Just a year later on February 13, 1950, the animal was given to FC with the understanding that it would be made the official mascot of the club. It was only once the animal had been taken in by FC that it was given the name Hennes I, named after the former player-coach Hennes Weisweiler. Until the start of 1960 the animal accompanied the FC team to not only all home matches but also to almost all away fixtures. Logistical issues eventually meant that he could only make appearances at the FC home matches, which he did until his death on November 4, 1966. 

  • Hennes II.

    November 11, 1966 - August 1970

    German Cup Winner 1968

    Hennes II. also came from the care of Circus Williams. And with him also came the debut of the second caretaker: Günter Neumann. However, Hennes II. passed away after being bit by a sheep dog. The legend that he was poisoned by Borussia Mönchengladbach fans is incorrect. Hennes II. was also the only official Hennes to live in an enclosure directly at Geißbockheim.

  • Hennes III.

    August 22, 1970 - July 1975

    Hennes III. goes into the history books as the only Hennes to not win a trophy during his tenure. Hennes III. was brought to the club through the help of the daily news company, Express. This also marks the start of the farmer William Schäfer's tenure at Geißbockheim. Hennes III. passed away from natural causes in 1975. 

  • Hennes IV.

    August 1975 - November 13, 1982

    German Champion 1978
    German Cup Winner 1977, 1978

    Hennes IV. witnessed the most successful season of the 1. FC Cologne history in which they won the "Double" in 1978. The team won the Bundesliga title as well as the German cup (DFB Pokal), which makes them only one of four teams in history to win both competitions in a single season. Hennes IV. died of heart complications on November 13th, 1982.

  • Hennes V.

    November 20, 1982 - July 1989

    German Cup Winner 1983

    Much like his predecessor, Hennes V. provided his loyal service for almost seven years. He is the last official FC goat to witness the capture of a major title. He passed away in July of 1989.

  • Hennes VI

    August 1989 - March 13, 1996

    Hennes VI. made his debut in the 1989/90 season. He was active during an unfortunate time in which the team had a downwards trend in the 1990s. He passed away on March 13th, 1996.

  • Hennes VII.

    March 15, 1996 - July 23, 2008

    During his tenure, Hennes VII. experienced four promotion and relegation sequences. He was also the active team goat during a time in which the long time caretaker, Wilhelm Schäfer, passed away (on June 11th, 2006). Hennes VII. was also suspended for two games during the 2000/01 season for fear of disease, was mocked by a foreign "double" goat, and was the first FC mascot to make his television debut, by appearing on the "Harald Schmidt Show" as well as the crime series "SK Kölsch". He also appeared in commercials in the 2003/04 season to promote FC membership and season tickets. However, in the 2008 season he had to enter early retirement due to health complications. He was put down on March 13th, 2009.

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