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The fastest and easiest way to join the FC-family. This is your chance to get even closer to the club, with exclusive access like never before. Members are the first to know about projects and activities at FC, and will also be treated to various benefits and discounts. If you want to become part of the FC family, fill out the form and become a member today!

Expected Benefits:

  • FC-Members will have the first right to purchase tickets to some of the most in-demand home matches, and even the occasional away match
  • FC-Members will receive a 10% discount on items in the FC-Fanshop (as long as the item isn’t already priced down)
  • FC-Members will get NetCologne FC-TV inside access, with just an additional €1.50 per month for goals and highlights
  • FC-Members will receive the annual club magazine, GeißbockEcho. The magazine can be delivered digitally or in traditional paper form, depending on your wish
  • FC-Members can attend the club’s “Mitgliederversammlung” and vote on issues regarding the club and the direction of the club in the future

Membership applications can be made online or must print out and send in the completed PDF along with a signature.

Important Information:


The fiscal year of 1. FC Köln runs from July 1st until June 30th of every year. The FC membership begins on the first day of the following month from the date on which the application is received. Membership fees for applications made during the course of the fiscal year will be proportionately calculated. With the start of each new fiscal year the new contract begins and a payment for the said time frame will be expected.

Minors and Gift Recipients

For minors and youths under 17 years of age the name and signature of a guardian are mandatory. For those who received membership as a gift from another person, the recipient will have to sign their name in order to register themselves as a new member. If the gift membership is to be limited to a certain amount of time (e.g. for one fiscal year), this should be noted in the application.


Cancellation of the FC membership can be made (Article 7 Paragraph 2) by submitting a request at least three months prior to the end of the fiscal year. The written cancellation request must be submitted by March 30th at the very latest. Every cancellation request will be confirmed with a written statement. If membership is not cancelled before the end of a fiscal year the membership will automatically continue.

Note: In order to account with delivery issues we advise you to send the cancellation request with registered mail.

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