Professionals | 30/05/2021

Managing Director

1. FC Köln and Horst Heldt go their separate ways

After the end of the 2020-21 season, 1. FC Köln have decided to bring an end to the working relationship with Managing Director, Horst Heldt. After an evaluation from the Board of Directors and the Joint Committee, a new direction is required from a sporting perspective despite survival.

“We are very thankful to Horst Heldt, that he took up the post under very difficult circumstances and gave everything for FC. We know how much the club means to him – therefore, the step was not an easy one to take. However, we cannot be satisfied with the way the squad has been put together and the sporting development in the past season,” said Werner Wolf, 1. FC Köln President.

The duties of Horst Heldt will, for the moment, be taken over by Jörg Jakobs and Thomas Kessler. Jörg Jakobs will be responsible for the strategic direction on the sporting side and for the squad planning. Thomas Kessler will be the operative Head of Football, the interface between Jörg Jakobs and Lukas Berg, the Head of Football Administration and part of the team.

This will continue until further notice, so that the search for a successor can be carried out without time pressure.
President Werner Wolf, Vice-President Eckhard Sauren, Managing Director Alexander Wehrle, Jörg Jakobs and Thomas Kessler will all be present for a press conference on Monday 31st May at 11:00 CEST.

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