Professionals | 03/12/2017

Training on Sunday

"A different approach"

Stefan Ruthenbeck took over as the interim coach of the FC professionals on Sunday. He provided his first impressions of the team after training.

FC U19 coach Stefan Ruthenbeck was appointed the interim coach of the 1. FC Köln professionals on Sunday. Earlier in the day, President Werner Spinner and Managing Director Alexander Wehrle announced the mutual agreement to terminate the contract of former head coach Peter Stöger. Wehrle reiterated that the decision was already made on Friday before the Schalke match. Peter Stöger confirmed this statement.

The players that did not feature heavily on Saturday took part in a training session with the new coach on Sunday. The rest of the team took part in regeneration. Not with the group was Yann Aurel Bisseck, who suffered a concussion during the Schalke match.

Stefan Ruthenbeck spoke after training about…

  • …his impression of the team and the situation: “I got my first impression during the Schalke match yesterday and saw many positive things. What impressed me most was the readiness of the players and their willingness to compete. My second impression today was also positive, although I worked with a smaller group. The players were very engaged, which obviously helps us all.”
  • …speaking with the team: “The focus will be on changing a few things and not on making things better or worse. We need to develop a new process, show a response, and have the players emotionally invested. The fact of the matter is, you will get relegated with just three points. We have to focus now on putting everything we have into this situation and getting as many points as possible before the winter break.”
  • …the upcoming matches: “I think the players will be focused on getting a win and advancing to the next round of the competition. It is a good thing to have so many matches and to be allowed to play football.”
  • …following in the footsteps of Stöger: “Peter Stöger did some excellent work here over the years. I am not trying to fill his shoes. They are too big to fill, anyway. I am a totally different guy. I am the coach of this club, nothing more and nothing less. It has already been cleared that I will coach this team until the end of December.”

The FC players will train twice on Monday. 


Training Report
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