Professionals | 23/12/2017

Interview with Marcel Risse

“A difficult year”

Marcel Risse continues to work on his comeback. The midfielder spoke with about his recovery process and the upcoming holiday season. Marcel, first things first… How are you feeling?

Marcel Risse: “I’ve been better, but I am doing better from week to week. It has been a difficult year for me. After my injury I was back in training in November, but then I had to sit it out again. I had to deal with that setback. The situation is what it is. I have accepted it and am fighting to make my comeback.”

What is your daily routine like?

“I am doing daily training and treatment at the clinic. I am also doing rehabilitation. I think I am in good hands. The only thing on my mind is becoming fully fit again. The rehabilitation can be hard, but I know what I am working towards each and every day.”

A lot has happened during your injury. FC are in a relegation battle and Stefan Ruthenbeck is the new head coach. How close are you to the situation at Geissbockheim?

“I am in constant contact with my teammates so I am getting all of the information. I am also often at Geissbockheim and speak with my teammates about the current situation and my injury. We also talk about matters outside of football, which I think is important to clear your mind. It is not an easy situation for any of us, but I think the last few performances give us some hope. Our goal of remaining in the Bundesliga remains.”

How are you spending your holidays?

“I will be with my wife and daughter. Without them my year would have been even more difficult. They are my main source of support. Other than that I will continue to work every day to become fit again.”


Marcel Risse
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