Professionals | 26/05/2019

New FC head coach

Achim Beierlorzer in numbers

He is the youngest of nine children, his favourite formation is 4-4-2 and his favourite kit comes from 1993: here is new FC head coach, Achim Beierlorzer in numbers.

51 years old

8 siblings: “I’m the youngest. We are five boys and four girls. There are 14 years between me and my oldest brother. That certainly took it out of my parents, but I only have positive memories from my childhood.”

4-4-2 Favourite formation

1,41 points per game with Jahn Regensburg in 2. Bundesliga

1,0 score in his coaching badges (best in the class of 2014)

2,0 grade for his A-Levels

24 years married

3 kids: “They are 24, 20 and 16 years old. We did it mathematically correctly by leaving four years between each.”

18 years as a teacher: “I worked as a teacher between 1996 and 2013, working as a coach was on the side.”

2,5 and 2,75 – Dioptre left and right

Twice sent off as a head coach: “Recently it happened with Regensburg, and before in the youth. It was the same reason both times. I lose my cool when my players are hacked down. With the youth team in Fürth, one of my players got properly kicked. The first opponent missed him, the second as well – but the third absolutely took him out. Then I got louder.”

192 cm tall

8:00am favourite time to get up

10 games of football watched per week

0 series of Game of Thrones. “I started with the first two books, but then I didn’t have the time.”

2 hours and 23 minutes of screen time per day

12 semesters of study (in Erlangen)

15 kits in his wardrobe. “One is especially important. I played in the student national team and in 1993, we won bronze at the University Games in Buffalo. The kit means a lot to me.”

0 seconds to think over FC’s offer

4:1 is his favourite score. “Because it’s a lot of goals.”

221 is the channel where Sky Bundesliga HD1 is on his TV. “That was where it was when I got it, so it works for me.”

6-7 hours of sleep a night

20% battery is where he begins to get nervous

4 numbers after the comma in Pi, which he knows off the top of his head

1 nickname: Lorzer

€2022 was his last purchase. An E-Bike. “My wife and I like to ride the bike, through mountains and valleys. Therefore, my wife bought an E-Bike. Since then, she often says that she’s waiting at the top. I’m a fanatic for keeping things fair. So I bought one as well.”

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Total table
10Hertha BSC35
111. FC Köln34
12FC Augsburg31