Professionals | 11/11/2019

The Day at FC

Aehlig: “We have a profile”

After the tough loss against Hoffenheim and the sacking of head coach, Achim Beierlorzer, the FC players started the new training week on Monday. André Pawlak and Manfred Schmid are taking care of things on an interim basis. At the end of the session, Frank Aehlig, sporting director at FC, spoke about the current situation.

Frank Aehlig on…

…missing on on Karneval training: “That came from the team themselves. It’s pretty obvious, that today isn’t the day to have Karneval training. Even when Karneval in Köln is part of the culture: I believe it’s an indication of the situation, that we’re giving it a miss. It wouldn’t be the right signal to be in a good mood and Alaaf with how things are.”

…the interim training from André Pawlak and Manfred Schmid: “In the discussions at the weekend and this morgen, as well as this morning, we wanted a clear line with the team. We are still operational. The two assistant coaches are taking charge of training for the week. That’s what we’re going with, the team is in good hands. We want to look ahead and focus on the upcoming tasks.”

…the question, why both assistants won’t take over full-time: “We decided to look for an external option and to see who is available and ready to take on the challenge. Thankfully, the international break gives us a few days more to do so.”

…talks with possible candidates: “We haven’t had any thus far. I’ve been busy checking on who is available and ready. When that’s clear, then we can begin the discussions.”

…the profile of the candidate: “We have a profile. But I don’t know if it makes sense to make that public, because then every decision will be measured against this profile. It could be that we must make adjustments to one or two categories for some candidates – and therefore I ask for the understanding, that I’m not going to give out a detailed profile here.”

…the speculation to Pal Dardai: “There have been a lot of names spoken about. We’ve got to be realistic. The market isn’t huge. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see which names are being linked. With that being the case, I can understand why the those are in the thoughts. It’s logically people who have the right qualifications for such a job.”

…the successor to Armin Veh: “It’s a process that I’m not responsible for or that I’m leading. That is running parallel. The Board are keeping me in the loop. But that’s not a topic that I’m keeping myself busy with – I have enough to do already.”

…the time frame of the search for a new coach: “It would be nice if the team had a new head coach for the preparation ahead of the game in Leipzig. Whether or not that will be the case, I can’t yet say – but that’s what we would like to happen. When it isn’t the case, then we have an interim solution.”

…his impression of the team: “They are very, very thoughtful and introverted and that is the first thing to do: get out of it and look ahead. That's what I said to the team this morning as well. With all the lessons and conclusions that you draw from the past, that shouldn’t be everything. We have to look ahead.”

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