Club | 22/12/2021

Move to VfB Stuttgart

Alexander Wehrle leaves FC

Alexander Wehrle will leave 1. FC Köln during April. The FC Managing Director will become Chairman of the Board at VfB Stuttgart.

Managing Director Alexander Wehrle will leave 1. FC Köln during 2022. The 46-year-old will make use of a clause in his contract, currently dated until 2023, and will join VfB Stuttgart during the course of April to become Chairman of the Board.

FC President Werner Wolf said: “Alexander Wehrle informed us early on and kept us in mind, that there was a calling from his home and that he would like to follow that despite his connection to FC. The challenge as Chairman of the Board was something that appealed to him. We are thankful for his openness and transparency. Openly, as the Presidium, we can say that you don’t want to let your captain go, and in this case that is Alexander Wehrle for Geißbockheim. He has been at FC for nine years in a leading position. Under his leadership, the club has grown in many new dimensions. He was one of the architects for the restructuring in 2012 and played a huge part in making sure that the club could be saved. He was an absolute constant in good and bad times, and a face of the club. As the Presidium, we worked closely and confidently with his and would have liked this to continue. We have discussed many topics passionately and sometimes controversially, but together we found good answers to many questions and put important projects on their legs. For that, Alexander Wehrle deserves a huge thank you. With his move, it is an end of an era.”

FC Managing Director Alexander Wehrle said: “E Jeföhl, dat verbingk is how it goes in the FC Hymne and this connecting feeling is just that which the club has given me over all the years and what will keep me close to FC in the future. In nine-and-a-half years, Köln and FC have become my home. Europa League, relegation, promotion and the incredible management of the Corona crisis – I am incredibly thankful for every single day at Geißbockheim. I want to thank all my colleagues, as well as all the councils that I worked with at FC, mastered every task together and to every Kölner, who welcomed me here with open arms. Even when I go back to my home, this was not an easy decision. I led 1. FC Köln with the most amount of passion and heart. That is exactly how I will continue to work until my move, to ensure that the club is handed over in the best possible manner and I can leave with a good feeling.”

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