Professionals | 16/04/2019

After Hamburg

Anfang: We must win our games

FC head coach, Markus Anfang spoke after the 1:1 draw against Hamburger SV over his substitutions, the reactions of the fans and predictions.

Markus Anfang on…

…the disappointment with the HSV game: “It was disappointing, in the way that we had played such a good first half. We received a standing ovation, as we went into the dressing room at the break. In the second half, we were simply too passive and didn’t find our game from the first-half. We didn’t defend actively front the front and didn’t hold the ball up. If you concede a goal five minutes before the end, that’s annoying. But the entire situation isn’t so bad.”

…his substitutions: “I wanted to play with two strikers for as long as possible. Then we made a change, in order to bring more stability, so that we could get more of the ball. If we had started with Sobiech, Meré and Czichos in defence, and perhaps had Geis or Höger on the bench, then one would have said: Oh, he wants to make the midfield compact, clever. That we had all on the pitch and brought Höger into midfield, everyone says: Why is he bringing on a defender for a striker? It’s just the same, as Höger then played with Geis and Hector in midfield. We remained in discussion with the boys and they simply lost the energy to defend actively. We wanted to see how we would solve the problem and be dangerous on the counter. Therefore we brought on Tony Modeste.”

…the situation with Christian Clemens: “He has thigh problems, therefore we had to bring him off. If you have to make a substitution in the first half, then your hands are tied late on. I hope, however, that he isn’t out for long. It’s not a structural injury.”

…the whistles after full-time: “When you put in such a performance in the first-half, lead 1:0 and then concede an equaliser just before the end of the game – it’s normal that the fans are disappointed. You’ve got to accept that, it’s the norm. But we shouldn’t forget about the overall situation. We are five games away from the end of the season and have a 10-point lead on third and seven from second. At the beginning of the season, if someone had said that’s how it would be – then we’d say we’re doing well. We have a points-per-game of over 2, we’ve got a 39+ goal difference and have scored 75 goals. It’s not that we’ve played badly this season. Obviously, we’d like to have more points and would have liked to have won yesterday. But it’s also not so easy to win games. In the previous weeks we had one or two games that we won, but could have been draws. Now we’ve drawn. That happens.”

…predicting when promotion will come: “We must concentrate on ourselves and win points. We have not done that in Duisburg, the boys were annoyed that they gave away the 4:2 lead. We’re also still frustrated that we gave up the 1:0 lead against HSV. We have now an away game in Dresden and want to win all three points. We don’t need to look into the future. We must win our points, week on week.”

…the health of his father: “My dad is a lot better, we’re very happy about that. Everything else will play out over the next few weeks, as to what happens.”

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