Professionals | 15/03/2019

Ahead of Duisburg

Anfang: "We want to keep on our path"

On Sunday afternoon, 1. FC Köln face MSV Duisburg. Before the away game, Markus Anfang spoke about the wave of the cold at Geißbockheim, changes in the formation the upcoming test.

Markus Anfang spoke on Friday about…

…the wave of the cold: “It’s unfortunately something that’s going around at the moment. We have tried to minimalise it after the last game, having two days off and sending the sick players to the doctor. Simon Terodde isn’t back. He’s still rest at home, and he’ll definitely be absent. Rafael Czichos trained lightly on Friday. We must see how he feels tomorrow. Jonas Hector didn’t train with us and we don’t yet know how things will be on Saturday. He is always at the doctors. There’s regular blood being taken, so that we know how his values are. The values weren’t extremely high and, in comparison to Rafa, he hasn’t been out for a while.”

…the goalkeepers: “Timo Horn and Thomas Kessler trained again today. I have not received any negative news, both completed training. I believe that it’ll be okay with both.”

…the 1:2 defeat at home: “Obviously we still have that game in our heads. We have beaten ourselves a little in that one, and MSV also did well. It wasn’t a positive experience for us. MSV have managed to pick up points in the last few weeks. Last time, they played 4-1-4-1. They’ll maybe play something different against us. We’ve prepared a few different things in training. Duisburg is an important game for us. We of course want to win, and go into the international break on a high. We also know that it can be difficult. We know that from the home game, we are warned. But we must continue on our path.”

…possible changes to the formation: “In the pre-season, we always played a little bit differently. We are in the position to react and we will test a few different things again on Saturday. We have also tested a few other formations out today. We must think about how we can start best. We don’t have to change something. But we are also in the position to change something.”

…Anthony Modeste: “Tony evaluates things very realistically. We have already started him in Ingolstadt. He is always a candidate for the starting side. We must see, how we want to plan the game.”

…Louis Schaub: “Louis Schaub is on a good path. The training sessions that he has gone through are always getting better and intensive. He’s feeling better every day. He is close to 100%. Whether or not he’ll play from the start, we don’t yet know.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
1 1. FC Köln 63
2 SC Paderborn 07 57
3 1. FC Union Berlin 57