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Press conference with the new coach

Baumgart: “Everyone here has to do their bit”

On Thursday afternoon, FC head coach Steffen Baumgart and Jörg Jakobs spoke with the gathered media ahead of the new season. At the press conference at the RheinEnergieSTADION, Baumgart spoke about his excitement, his decision to join FC and the upcoming return to training. Jörg Jakobs also spoke about the squad planning.

Four days before the start of pre-season, Steffen Baumgart made his first public appearance as 1. FC Köln head coach at a press conference. In a full room, with all Corona measures being adhered to, he took on the journalists’ questions alongside Jörg Jakobs.

Steffen Baumgart spoke about…

…the excitement of the first training session: The excitement is huge. I am very excited, and I think that is normal. I am looking forward to the new challenge. I am looking forward to what is ahead and what could happen.

…his goals for FC: It is too early to say something about our goals. I’ll speak about that with the players first. It is always about staying up and securing a spot in the Bundesliga. Everyone who knows me, knows that I want a little bit more. I have a certain way of playing football that I want to see. Part of that is a lot of trust from the lads. You have to earn that. Therefore, I want to go that path together. I am looking forward to working together with everyone.

…his decision to join FC: There were very good talks with all of those responsible. FC is a club that brings a lot of things with it, how I imagine them to be in football. Whether it is the atmosphere or the opportunities for a game to develop. I think in attacking terms and I hope that we’ll be able to hear the goal music one or two times. We want to score goals, even if that means risking conceding one. I stand by that and will try to make that happen. Köln is special. It is non-stop here, everywhere. I haven’t really properly started my job and I there have still read a lot of headlines. The attraction lies within developing something new and I believe that can be done. Here in Köln, you don’t have to motivate anyone when it comes to FC. That excitement is already there. But we want to do our bit as well. With good results and good football. The atmosphere is always good here. It would be nice when we talk more about winning than losing.

…how he plans to get on with the team: I am very loud, but I never offend anyone. The boys will be able to get an idea of how I am very quickly. I know what I can but also what I can’t do. I make mistakes but I stand up to that. That is exactly what I want from our lads, that they represent a clear idea. My success in the past had a lot to do with the entire team. That is what it is about. Everyone has to do their bit. It is about working on things.

…his excitement on playing in front of a full stadium: The sport lives from emotions and everyone knows what a full stadium can do. I am buzzing about getting the chance to play in front of fans again.

…his tactical ideas: I like to play with a back four and ahead of that, I am variable. I like to play attacking football. That can mean that, for example, I also play with two strikers.

…how he plans to get on with the goalkeepers: In Timo Horn, we don’t just have someone who knows the club very well but also someone who was number one over a long time period. For me, he still is. With Marvin Schwäbe, we brought in a goalkeeper who should increase the competition. He should put on pressure but there is no goalkeeper discussion at the moment – especially before the first training session.

Jörg Jakobs spoke about…

…the reasons behind appointing Steffen Baumgart: I was involved in the first talks with Steffen and there was a spark immediately. I am convinced that Steffen, with his nature, can develop players individually and as a team. That will help us to reach our goals and to be successful. Especially with the coaching staff around him: Rene Wagner, Uwe Gospodarek and André Pawlak. Steffen’s way of going is exactly that, which can push us on this season.

…the squad planning: We start training with all players, first of all. There is no list where players are completely ruled out. At the end of the day, there are players with good sporting perspective and those where it isn’t so good. After a certain time, it is about showing these players a perspective. We have talented young players like Diehl, Wydra, Castrop, Sponsel, Lemperle or Obuz. We want to give them a chance to show themselves. The squad will get smaller and must get smaller. That will perhaps take until the end of the transfer window.

…the plans on the goalkeeper position: We are well set in terms of goalkeepers in our academy. Therefore, we will fill the gap left by Julian Krahl with players from our own ranks.

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