Professionals | 17/07/2019

Today at Geißbockheim

Beierlorzer: “I have arrived”

On Wednesday morning, the FC players have been training. Following the session, FC head coach Achim Beierlorzer spoke about the ongoing preparations, next Saturday’s tournament and plans for the evening.

Achim Beierlorzer had left the Geißbockheim on Tuesday due to the Media Day, training at FC continued on Wednesday at 11:00. 

Following training, head coach Achim Beierlorzer spoke at Geißbockheim about… 

…Dominick Drexler: “The investigation revealed nothing but we don’t want to rush him back. Yesterday he had some injections and today we worked with him athletically.” 

…Jorge Meré: “Jorge had a few days off completely and then started running. The first two or three sessions with him we will monitor him so he doesn’t have a high workload. He will be available for the games in the training camp.”

 …Kevin Wimmer: “I take care of the players who are there for us. I gave him fair feedback because I want to do it personally when someone is training with us but we will focus on the players we will definitely have next year.”

 …the tournament at the weekend: “With only four centre-backs available, Kevin Wimmer will probably play at the weekend. If he wasn’t there then we’d have to improvise. I don’t want to do anything that isn’t consistent with the positions, that’s why it fits.”

 …the ongoing preparations: “It’s still a bit strange in the first two training sessions because one is watched by the players and they don’t know but there is a togetherness. As it happens here at Geißbockheim, I have the feeling that I have already arrived in Cologne.”

 …the strengths of the team: “Our greatest strength should be our compactness and our team spirit and if we add our offensive power and the way we are working without the ball, it’s pretty good.”

 …the goals for the new season: “We want to present ourselves from the first match in the Bundesliga and avoid any stress situations such as a relegation fight. We want to establish ourselves in the Bundesliga next season.”

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