Professionals | 09/08/2019

With Armin Veh and Achim Beierlorzer

Beierlorzer: "We're really looking forward to it"

Before the first competitive game of the season against SV Wehen Wiesbaden, head coach, Achim Beierlorzer spoke about the upcoming opponent, the pre-season preparations and the decision on his starting side. Managing director, Armin Veh spoke about the coaching team, the squad for the new season and possible departures.

Achim Beierlorzer on…

…the game game against SV Wehen Wiesbaden: "We're massively looking forward to it. Now it's about competitive football. You can see it in the team - things have gone up a notch. We're really looking forward to Wehen Wiesbaden. They'll give it everything, but we're on a good path to get into the second round. That they lost both games by the odd goal doesn't make the situation easier or more difficult. We're playing against a 2. Bundesliga side. Wehen have quick players, and they've got something going forward. We must use our qualities against that and need a lot of dynamism. We want to get through. We must go into the game full of energy and concentration, and we can do that after the preparation."

…pre-season: "We started five-and-a-half weeks ago, when it comes to bring the boys back. The team are open to learn new things. We train with a high intensity and everyone brings themselves fully into that."

…the squad: "I'm pleased that the squad planning for the new season has come to a close. We have our team together new. The new signings have integrated themselves really well. Ellyes Skhiri will be here on Monday. Sebastiaan Bornauw mixed in really well on Thursday. It's super, how the boys have taken them in."

…the starting eleven: "It'll be difficult to decide on the players. But that's also a good thing. Then we know, that we have quality and depth in the squad. I'm really pleased with the level, because big challenges are ahead of us. We're playing in the Bundesliga. I'd rather have difficult decisions ahead of me, than have them dictated to me. I have a lot of faith in the quality that our team possesses, and how we'll go about things this year."

…the fans at Geißbockheim: "I find the fact that the fans are so close at Geißbockheim absolutely superb. It fits to what 1. FC Köln is about. The team takes that in as motivation. The focus on the sessions is at 100%. Before the important games it is naturally so, that we will train behind closed doors. We don't have to show the scouts from Wiesbaden and Wolfsburg everything."

…the team council: "The team council has been voted in. We did that on Tuesday after training. He was voted in by the team and I told the players that Jonas is our captain. We've both spoken to each other about it. In terms of the team council, that's made up of Jonas Hector, Marco Höger, Anthony Modeste, Thomas Kessler and Timo Horn.

Armin Veh spoke about…

…the first-round draw: "In the first round, there is almost no draw that can be tougher than a 2. Bundesliga team. There were definitely easier opponents there. Wiesbaden are a team that will challenge us."
…the coaching team: "What I said five-and-a-half weeks ago has been confirmed. I'm total calm because I know that the team are in good hands with Achim. It's a team that work well and that will also work, should there be a crisis. I'm really pleased, as before, with our decision for him, André Pawlak and Manni Schmid to be our coaches. They work really well together."

…the squad: "Whether or not I'm happy with the squad planning? That'll show itself at the end of the season. But I'm convinced with the decisions we've made. I hope the team can bring the performances that we're hoping for."

…possible departures: "We have contracts with our players, that we hold ourselves to. We're not putting anyone under pressure. Nevertheless, it might make sense for one or the other to change clubs. You only have one career. There might also be players who remain in the under-21s. I want to make sure that our under-21s remain in the Regionalliga and don't have to fight until the end to stay in the division."

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12 1. FC Union Berlin 20
13 1. FC Köln 20
14 Hertha BSC 19