Club | 26/09/2016

New term until 2019

Board Members Re-elected

Werner Spinner, Markus Ritterbach, and Toni Schumacher were re-elected as the Board of 1. FC Köln 01/07 e. V. The three have held the position since 2012 and will maintain their places for an additional three years.

In total there were 2,189 club members in attendance on Monday night for the 2016 Mitgliederversammlung (Club Member’s Meeting) at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. At the start of the proceedings the 1. FC Köln players were greeted on stage to wild cheers from the crowd and then joined the fans in unison as they all sang the FC anthem.

The main matter of discussion on this day was the re-election of the current Board. The outcome, however, was never in doubt. With an overwhelming majority of club members voting in favor of re-election, the trio of Werner Spinner, Markus Ritterbach, and Toni Schumacher accepted to keep their roles for an additional three years. “We are sincerely thankful for the trust instilled in us. FC stands for professionalism, trust, and humility. We have managed to unify the club and exceed the goals we stated,” said President Wener Spinner.

Managing Director Alexander Wehrle proudly presented a new year of record revenue and profit. Then it was General Manager Jörg Schmadtke who took the stage: “The core of our team remained and has identified with this club. We have our sights set on the long-term with a squad that has plenty of potential to improve. We are doing everything we can to achieve sustainable growth.”

The event came to a close after about three hours. “It was the best Mitgliederversammlung that I have ever experienced,” said one long-time FC club member.


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131. FSV Mainz 0537
141. FC Köln36
15FC Augsburg36