Club | 17/06/2021

Virtual Member Meeting

Carsten Wettich elected as Vice President

Carsten Wettich has been elected to the 1. FC Köln Board of Directors on Friday morning at the virtual Member Meeting. He has already held the position of Vice President since December 2019.

Werner Wolf, Eckhard Sauren and Carsten Wettich will continue as the 1. FC Köln Board of Directors. The FC members voted Wettich as 1. FC Köln Vice President on Friday morning at the virtual Member Meeting. Wettich secured 69.51% of the members’ votes. 2065 voted for Wettich as Vice-President, 906 voted against and 60 members abstained. Prior to the vote, all bodies spoke in favour of Wettich’s election.

"I gladly accept the vote and thank you all for your trust," said Carsten Wettich to the members after the election.

Carsten Wettich had taken over the role of FC Vice President on 15th December 2019 on an interim basis, after Jürgen Sieger stepped down from the Board of Directors and Wettich was sent into the Board of Directors by the Member Council. Carsten Wettich was part of the Member Council since 2013 and was Deputy Chairman from 2015 until 2020. Werner Wolf and Eckhard Sauren were elected to the Board of Directors on 8th September 2019.

The Board of Directors, for the 2019-20 financial year, were also approved at the Member Meeting on Thursday. 66.07% of the members present voted in favour.

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6VfL Wolfsburg13
71. FC Köln12
8RB Leipzig11