Professionals | 11/11/2016

Karneval at FC

Champions League Training

November 11th is the annual start of Karneval. The 1. FC Köln players and staff got things started with an ode to the Champions League.

Has arrogance set in at 1. FC Köln? One could see it that way, as the FC players and staff came out to training on November 11th to the hymn of the Champions League. After the obligatory photo session with journalists from all over the world, the players set out to a simple training session using the official Champions League balls. 

Peter Stöger and his staff stood to the side dressed as UEFA representatives and with a glass of Gaffel-Kölsch in the hand. And then came the moment all of Cologne had been waiting for: an unofficial representative of UEFA handed the Champions League (miniture size) trophy to FC Captain Matthias Lehmann. A historic moment! In a sign of further arrogance the players then ignored all fans and journalists to make their way straight to the locker room.

Asked about his incredible coaching ability by FC-Champions-League-TV, Peter Stöger replied: "The tactics of Peter Stöger cannot be matched. Unfortunately the players are not always capable of implementing them. That is the loss of Peter Stöger." The successful FC Coach then reminded all journalists "don't drink and drive" before also disappearing into the locker room.

The players and staff returned moments later all dressed up in their own colorful costumes. Other than that, it was just another typical day at Geissbockheim in Cologne. Kölle Alaaf!


Karneval Training Report
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Total table
14Sport-Club Freiburg7
151. FC Köln6
161. FSV Mainz 055