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FC Vice-President donates

Donate blood!

1. FC Köln want to help in the current crisis and are calling on fans to donate blood. FC Vice-President, Eckhard Sauren has already done his bit.

In Germany, around 15,000 blood donations are required for the care of sick and injured people each day. Even during the Coronavirus, donating blood is essential: “Even when clinics are cutting back on planned operations, those with cancer and chronic illnesses still urgently need blood,” said Stephan Küpper, head of Communication at DRK-Blutspendedienst West.

FC Vice-President donates

A good example for this is FC Vice-President, Eckhard Sauern. The 48-year-old recently donated half a litre of blood. “It is a professional process. There is a discussion with a doctor before filling in a detailed questionnaire,” said Sauern about his first blood donation in years. “To give up so much blood is something different in comparison to getting a sample taken at your doctor. But I didn’t have any pain. It was a good experience – very relaxed, a good team and a nice atmosphere.”

Worries related to the Coronavirus are unfounded. In order to donate blood without issue, the blood donation services will go over the finest details. The two-metre distance rule between patients is also to be adhered to. There is no test for Corona at the donation, as there is no danger of transfer to the patient who receives the transfusion. Those who donate blood will receive information about their blood group, and will be tested for illnesses like Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C.

“We need sustainability”

Men are able to donate blood six times a year, with women four times. Between each blood donation, there must be at least 56 days – in order to compensate for the iron loss. Due to the fact that they can only be kept for a maximum of four days, and therefore cannot be stored in large quantities, a regular donation is always preferable. “Our wish would be to have people not forget us in three months. Every new donation helps, but we need sustainability,” said Küpper. In NRW alone, almost 3000 donations per day are necessary. “I would definitely do it again in the future and hope, that as many FC fans as possible can join in,” said Sauern.

A prerequisite for blood donation is that you feel fit and healthy. An investigation beforehand decides whether or not someone is allowed to donate. It is also important to bring your ID card with you and to have eaten and drank enough beforehand. Appointments and questions can be made and answered with your local authorities.

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