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2018-19 financial results

FC earn profits in promotion year

FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle has announced the initial financial figures for the 2018-19 season. He made the announcement at the AGM on Sunday. Despite the lost revenue in 2. Liga and the investment in the team, 1. FC Köln were able to report positive figures.

1. FC Köln ended the 2018-19 2. Bundesliga season with a profit of 2.4 million Euro. before taxes. This is the result of the preliminary annual accounts*, which were presented on Sunday at 1. FC Köln’s AGM. As a result of relegation from the Bundesliga in 2017-18, and the resulting losses in TV money, marketing and ticketing and sales, the figures fell significantly as expected. However, FC are still in the black. The repayment of the interest-bearing debt was also continued as planned.

“Our main goal was to get promoted back to the Bundesliga. If you had asked me before the season, I would have been ready to achieve that goal and accept a small loss. Promotion and positive figures in 2. Bundesliga are a fantastic result on all levels,” said FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle.

The preliminary financial figures

Revenue: 114.6m Euro. (Previous year: 171.8m Euro)

Profit before taxes: 2.4m Euro. (Previous year: 27.4m Euro)

Profit after taxes: 1.1m Euro. (Previous year: 17.3m Euro)

Operating profit (EBITDA): 22.4m Euro. (Previous year: 48.6m Euro)

Equity: 38.6m Euro. (Previous year: 37.5m Euro)

Interest-bearing debt: 14.2m Euro. (Previous year: 17.2m Euro)

*Since the annual accounts have not yet been audited, all figures are preliminary.

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Total table
131. FSV Mainz 0537
141. FC Köln36
15FC Augsburg36