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Wolf, Sauern and Sieger voted in

FC have a new Board of Directors

Werner Wolf, Eckhard Sauern and Jürgen Sieger make up the new board of directors at 1. FC Köln. The majority of present members at the AGM on Sunday voted for the team.

1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V. have a new board of directors. Werner Wolf, Eckhard Sauern and Jürger Sieger were voted in from the members present. 2119 voted yes, 590 voted no and 100 abstained. However, abstentions are not included in the result. That means that the team were voted with 78.22% of the votes.

At his introduction, Wolf said: “We are servants of our club. We are no triumvate, we are no triarchy, instead we want to be the head of a club that comes from employees, volunteers, committees and from you, the members.” Sieger said that the goal is to make 1. FC Köln a modern flagship club. As a sporting goal, Sauern named a “top spot amongst the clubs which aren’t dependant on an investor” and that FC should establish themselves long-term in the Bundesliga.

Goodbye to the previous Board of Directors

Before that, it was a highly emotional, almost six-hour long meeting. The previous FC Vice Presidents, Markus Ritterbach and Toni Schumacher were bid farewell after more than seven-and-a-half years in office. In their yearly summaries, they looked back on an overall successful time but also on the mistakes. “We would have especially wished for a different end to our time in office together with Werner Spinner,” said Ritterbach. “We are giving over a club that is healthy at the core, near to the people, a family club and a popular club.” Schumacher added, “FC will always have a deep place in my heart.”

FC’s advisory board chairman, Karl-Ludwig Kley praised the team, including Werner Spinner, who resigned in March: “You have your place in the history books of 1. FC Köln.” Spinner bid farewell with a message read by Kley. The members said goodbye to the board of directors with a standing ovation.

Stefan Müller-Römer, who became part of the Board of Directors in place of Werner Spinner, will return to the Members’ Council. He thanked the members, and said: “FC belongs to the members, and that should always be the case.”

Positive financial figures

FC managing directors, Alexander Wehrle and Armin Veh put forward the results of the KGaA. Despite the investment in the team to get promoted and the reduced revenue in 2. Bundesliga, 1. FC Köln managed to make a profit. “Promotion and positive financials in 2. Bundesliga are a fantastic performance on all levels,” said Wehrle.

Wehrle, like Veh, mentioned how important it is to improve the infrastructure at 1. FC Köln to maintain long-term competitiveness. “If you don’t want top level sport in Köln, then say it openly,” said Veh on the address from city mayor, Henriette Reker.

All committees were returned with an overwhelming majority. The change of the statutes, which was jointly introduced by the Board of Directors and the Members’ Council, was also accepted. Just after 19:00 CEST, the new president, Werner Wolf closed the session with a thank you to Karl-Ludwig Kley, who gives up his position on the advisory board.

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