Club | 20/03/2020

Together for those in need

FC help Tafel Köln

1. FC Köln is starting an extensive project in order to compensate for the impending absence of food supplies for the needy in Köln. FC are working together with the FC-Foundation and REWE to support Tafel Köln.

In times of the Coronavirus, life is coming to a standstill, people are staying at home and families are coming together – and everyone is trying to get used to the new situation. 1. FC Köln does not want to forget those people in our society who require assistance and support. This includes the people who are dependent on food that they get from the Kölner Tafel. Many of the association's issuing offices have already closed or will close. One reason for this is that a large proportion of the volunteers on the table are older people, who are at risk of infection from the Coronavirus. Hoarding of long-lasting food also makes the work of the Tafel more difficult. FC will compensate as much as possible for the impending failure of the Tafel supply in Köln over the coming week.

Alexander Wehrle, FC Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said: “The weakest in society are especially at risk in the crisis and rely on our help. We know this from Tafel Deutschland, for which FC and the FC-Foundation have been helping throughout the season. We are now expanding this commitment as much as we can and want to be able to maintain the care of those in need.”

Employees of 1. FC Köln, who are currently out of work due to the closed fan shops or the boarding school, can step in instead of the volunteers. In addition, the temporary FC workers, who lack important income from their part-time job without football, will continue to be paid for their work on this project. It is not yet clear which issuing offices in Köln can remain open in this way - because the respective offices decide independently. In any case, 1. FC Köln will also open its own issuing office. In addition to the provision of personnel and material, as well as logistics via the FC pool vehicles provided by Ford, the project also includes financial support. The FC-Foundation will provide 100,000€ from its funds.

Dr. Werner Wolf, FC-President and Chairman of the FC Board of Trustees, said: “We are working closely with the Tafel and want to help in this extraordinary situation as quickly as we can. With the donation from the Foundation, more food and materials can be bought. I’m very pleased that we were able to bring this onto its feet and thank everyone who is actively helping.”

The project will also be supported by one of FC’s main partners, REWE. The Köln supermarket chain are preparing groceries and vouchers.

Lionel Souque, Chairman of the Advisory Board of 1. FC Köln and CEO of REWE Group, said: “With this effort, 1. FC Köln and the FC-Foundation are showing solidarity and giving out practical help for those who need it most in this situation. I want to thank all of the employees in the club for their support for the Tafel. And as CEO of REWE Group, I’m extremely proud of the close work between the club and REWE for the people of Köln who need our help. Together, we are strong – not just in sport, but for the city and its people.”

In addition to the use for stationary supply points, 1. FC Köln will also support mobile food supplies. Both for the Tafel, as well as in the network of the club and the city. Old and needy members and fans of 1. FC Köln can contact if they need support with errands and shopping.

FC Managing Director, Horst Heldt said: “We have a few ideas and possibilities, in which we can put this into practice in the next few days. Our message is quite clear: As Köln stands through thick and thin with FC, FC will stand behind Köln and the citizens through thick and thin as well.”

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