Professionals | 16/05/2019

End of the season 2018-19

FC play in Porz

1. FC Köln will face SpVg Porz in a friendly. FC fans can now secure their tickets for the game.

Before FC head into the summer break, André Pawlak’s men will have one more task to fulfil – a friendly game. On Friday, 24th May, FC will face SpVg Porz. Kick-off for the game at Autohaus-Schmitz-Sportpark is 18:00 CEST. Gates open at 16:00 CEST.

The friendly is a special occasion for the hosts. SpVg Porz were founded almost 100 years ago, on 25th June 1919, as Sport-Klub-Porz. The club from the right-hand side of the Rhein and 1. FC Köln are binded by tradition. Wolfgang Weber and Bernd Cullmann began their football with SpVg Porz.

Tickets for the friendly in Porz

The sale has already started. Tickets are available here:

  • Tabakwaren Varol, Frankfurter Str. 610, 51145 Köln (Porz-Eil),
  • 11teamsports, Gilgaustr. 40, 51149 Köln (Porz-Ensen),
  • Stehcafé Wendt, Niehler Str. 59, 50733 Köln
  • Dienstag/Donnerstag ab 19 Uhr im Vereinsheim der SpVg. Porz.

Tickets cost €10. Students, school kids, OAPs and disabled people have a reduced rate of €5. Kids under six go free.

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
14 1. FC Union Berlin 7
15 1. FC Köln 7
16 FC Augsburg 6