Professionals | 03/04/2020

Training in small groups from Monday

FC players train behind closed doors

The 1. FC Köln players will return to training on Monday, but in small groups. Sessions will take place behind closed doors. The rules over distancing and hygiene will be kept strictly in place.

Markus Gisdol’s team will make a small step towards team training on Monday, as they begin training in small groups. “We received permission from NRW and from the director of Köln, that are players are able to train once more,” said FC managing director, Alexander Werhle.

After around three weeks, where the FC players have trained at home, the team will be back on the pitch and in the weight room at Geißbockheim. Obviously, this will be at different times to insure that there is no direct contact between the groups. FC employees will also not come into contact with the team, as much as that is possible.

In the small groups, the regulations over distancing and hygiene will be maintained, in order to control the Coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, training must take place behind closed doors and without contact to the fans. The media are also not to be present at training, and there will be no media appointments at Geißbockheim. 1. FC Köln is appealing that, given the forecast good weather, that everyone respects the guidelines set in place and to not come to Geißbockheim.

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