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Change of club mascot

FC present Hennes IX

Due to health reasons, Hennes VIII will bid farewell on Sunday at the season opening. He will live on as the former mascot in Köln Zoo. His successor is already living in the zoo.

Aalen to Arenal, Bundesliga, 2. Liga, Pokal and Europa League – since 2008, Hennes VIII was officially announced as 1. FC Köln’s mascot. Since summer, those responsible at the Zoo and those at FC were in agreement: the 12-year-old Hennes will move into retirement due to health reasons. “Hennes suffers from age-related osteoarthritis. As with people with osteoarthritis, this can be more or less painful, depending on the weather conditions. However, it definitely limits him,” said Zoo director, Theo Pagel.

FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle added: "We do not want our club mascot ever having to stand in pain in the stadium. After promotion and the upcoming new season, it is now the perfect conclusion and time for Hennes VIII to enjoy his retirement." Due to his move to Köln Zoo in August 2014, Hennes VIII not only lives according to his species, but he has achieved popularity like no other goat in FC history. And as a former mascot, he will continue to live on the Clemenshof in the Zoo and will be available for people to visit.

Teenager with long horns

The decision to change has been simplified by the fact that a suitable successor is available. Hennes IX was born on February 24th 2018 at the Biolandhof Dörmann in Petershagen-Ilse (near Minden) and has been at the Zoo since 10th August 2018. Accordingly, he has all the necessary vaccinations and veterinary conditions that allow him to leave the Zoo for his performances and to be able to return there without quarantine measures. Hennes IX is a still uncastrated goat of the breed "Bunte Deutsche Edelziege", a traditional but now endangered domestic animal breed.

Visually, Hennes IX is similar to Hennes I, the goat that 1. FC Köln received from the Circus. He will be visibly larger overall than his predecessor, Hennes VIII. "But since he is almost in his teens, Hennes IX. grow and get stronger," says Theo Pagel.

The hand over from Hennes VIII to Hennes IX will take place at the season opening. Then a special goal will have his goodbye in front of tens of thousands of FC fans.

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