Club | 07/04/2021

Sport Positive Report

FC second-most sustainable club in Bundesliga

A report from British firm, Sport Positive published by the BBC has 1. FC Köln as the second-most sustainable Bundesliga club. Only VfL Wolfsburg earned more points in the ranking.

20 from a possible 21 points. In the Bundesliga’s sustainability table, which was put together by Sport Positive and made public by the BBC and Sky, sees 1. FC Köln sit in an impressive second place. Only VfL Wolfsburg were able to boast 100% across all categories. How Bundesliga clubs rank in several categories were considered by Sport Positive to create the report: Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Transport, Single Use Plastic Reduction or Removal, Waste Management, Water Efficiency, Plant-Based/Low Carbon Food and Communication/Engagement on Sustainability.

FC Vice-President, Eckhard Sauren said: “We are pleased about the ranking, even when the Bundesliga table is the more decisive. Our efforts for more sustainability is something close to our hearts, because it is part of our social responsibility as a club with more than 111,000 members to make the topic known and to support change. Therefore, as the first Bundesliga club, we allowed ourselves to be audited in terms of sustainability. We want to keep moving forward with positive examples.”

FC Managing Director, Alexander Wehrle said: “The ranking confirms that we are, in comparison with the rest of the league, on a very good path in terms of sustainability. However, it also shows where we can improve. That our social activities and engagement did not play a role in the evaluation is something we will take as further motivation. For us, these are an elementary part of our sustainability engagement.”

About Sport Positive

Sport Positive organise the annual Sport Positive Summit, which normally takes place in Wembley, alongside the United Nations and International Olympic Committee to discuss all issues surrounding sustainability in sport.

After Sport Positive put together a Sustainability Ranking for the Premier League, this year marks the first year that Bundesliga clubs have been evaluated. Further research into the other top leagues in Europe is in planning.

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Total table
71. FSV Mainz 0513
81. FC Köln13
9VfL Wolfsburg13