Professionals | 23/02/2020

Events at Olympiastadion

FC to look into stadium entry in Berlin

At the entry to the away block at the Olympiastadion on Saturday, there were considerable delays and an unmeasured approach with peaceful FC fans. Both clubs have agreed to look into the events. Those affected and those who witnessed what happened can report that to the FC-Fanbetreuung.

Many travelling 1. FC Köln fans missed the first two goals during the away win in Berlin and had to wait for up to 90 minutes outside the stadium. There was such a push of people that fans became so anxious, they were brought to tears. The last fans finally entered the ground in the 33rd minute.

According to Hertha BSC, the situation arose because intensive searches were carried out before the ground, which saw pyrotechnics found. In FC's view, this does not justify denying hundreds of punctually arrived, peaceful and unobtrusive football fans access to their paid seats and keeping them in such a cramped area. In addition, both FC fans and fan representatives were unhappy with the stewards. The behaviour of some police officers was also criticised.

Rainer Mendel and Mirko Pintgen, from the FC-Fanbetreuung, were constantly in contact with the fans and those at Hertha and sharply criticised the situation. For example, for 1. FC Köln it is incomprehensible, that the stadium was only opened 90 minutes before kick-off – although the majority of the visiting fans were already there.

Both clubs already started to process the incidents at half-time. Hertha BSC have agreed to thoroughly review the situation with FC. Those affected and witnesses are welcome to contact 

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