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Pre-season 2019/20

FC Training Camp Ticker - Day 1: We're here!

1. FC Köln have made their way to Donaueschingen for the first of their pre-season training camps. Here's what happened on day one.

+++ 7:21am: Meet-up at Geißbockheim +++
At the moment, everything is still quiet. On the Militärring, all is still quiet aside from a few cars. Dominick Drexler parks up his car before heading through the forest to Geißbockheim. It's all in preparation for the trip to Donaueschingen.

+++ 7:44am: All aboard! +++

With lunch packets and the bags on board, the FC players head out of Geißbockheim. Louis Schaub leaves with Florian Kainz. They're joined by Kevin Wimmer, who is travelling to Donaueschingen with the team to maintain his fitness.

+++ 7:56am: To the Hauptbanhof +++
Four minutes before the planned departure, FC were already on their way from the car park at Geißbockheim. Along with Louis Schaub, Jonas Hector was a part of the team again. The two internationals arrived back late from holiday after duty with their respective nations.

+++ 8:23am: A last look at the Dom +++
FC reached their first stop: the Hauptbanhof. Over the main station is the top of the Hauptbanhof, as the FC player pose for selfies and sign autographs. It is still half an hour until the team get underway towards Baden-Württemberg. A few head for coffee, Jhon Cordoba opts for orange juice.

+++ 8:57am: Departure from Platform 6 +++
ICE 103 towards Basel is where the FC players are. It's three hours until the team arrive in Freiburg, where they'll hop on the bus and head to Donaueschingen. The players are in coach 39, with Florian Kainz sitting beside Louis Schaub. "He sleeps the entire time," said Kainz. The Austrian spends the time watching series like "How to sell drugs online (fast)". Salih Özcan has opted for Blacklist, while Anthony Modeste takes a photo of the sleeping Darko Churlinov. The youngster can catch up with that later in Modeste's story.

+++ 12:00pm: A rainy welcome +++
At 12 on the dot, Achim Beierlorzer's men arrive in Freiburg. They arrive to light rain but warm (enough) temperatures. The FC bus is ready and waiting. The journey to Donaueschingen is about to begin, with 70 kilometres between the team and their destination.

+++ 1:22pm: You have arrived at your destination +++
FC have arrived at the team hotel, and will spend the next at "Der Öschberghof". The hotel comes with a spa and golf course, as well as some culinary highlights. However, the players aren't there for a rest. The first session of the day is at 4:30pm.

+++ 4:22pm: Training begins +++ 
We're underway. Achim Beierlorzer made his way to training with a golf cart, and the players in the team bus due to the rain. Tomorrow, they'll head there on bikes. After the warm-up, the players worked on ball control before moving into passing and possession. Tactics then followed, and then small-sided games with focus on crossing.

+++ 6:04pm: That's a warp! +++
The first session is in the books. Achim Beierlorzer makes a short summary to the gathered media: "We are very, very satisfied. They are conditions that you can only hope to have. We have a sensational hotel with everything that you could want. And we also have a great pitch to work on. That's just how we imagined it, and now we can get to work. We want to bring about the active style of play that I've always spoken about. This evening, there'll be a team meeting and we'll look back on a few things from last season. In the next few sessions, it'll be about being active toward the ball and going forward on the counter."

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131. FC Köln26
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