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Pre-season 2019/20

FC Training Camp Ticker - Day 2: Pressing and counters

1. FC Köln are preparing for the new season with a training camp in Donaueschingen. Here's everything that went on during day two.

+++ 8:34am: Daily update +++
A good start to the day. While the FC players were enjoying the breakfast buffet, assistant coach, Mafred Schmid gave a short and sweet update: "All players are training this morning, they're all fit."

+++ 9:44am: Helmet on, let's go! +++

Rafael Czichos made a small run around the car part of the team hotel. His team colleagues were soon behind him and set about making their way to the training pitch with E-Bikes. Head coach, Achim Beierlorzer, head already made his way there.

+++ 9:58am: Work calls +++
Perfect conditions. A pleasant 17 degrees. The sun shines. For the FC players, it's the beginning of an intense training session. One on two, two on four, three on five, five on seven and eight on eight to end. Everything was covered. At the end, it was a case two teams of eight and a team of nine battling it out for the bragging rights in training. Team Red, with Rafael Czichos, Noah Katterbach, Simon Terodde, Salih Özcan, Florian Kainz, Kingsley Ehizibue, Marcel Risse, Birger Verstraete and Thomas Kessler managed to secure the points for the monthly ranking. At the end of the month, the winner will be announced.

+++ 11:23am: Praise for the players +++
Achim Beierlorzer brought the first session of the day to an end. Come the conclusion, he brought the players into a huddle. He gave praise to his team: "That was absolutely superb. You put what we had done in training, into practice during the game." Afterwards, Salih Özcan and Jonas Hector were still keen to play around. That involved the pair taking turns in goal, as Salih saved Jonas' penalty.

+++ 11:29am: Questions for Cello +++
Marcel Risse heads to the Mixed Zone after training. The journalists speak to the FC midfielder about the conditions in Donaueschingen and the upcoming friendly. On Wednesday, FC will face FC Bad Dürrheim. The game will be live across Facebook and YouTube, with kick-off at 18:00 CEST. Risse said: "We have superb conditions to work in. The pitch is close to the hotel and we have everything that we need here. I can't complain about anything." On the upcoming game, Risse added: "It's a test for us. We'll surely try out something tactical again - but for me persnally, it's about being as dangerous as we can going forward."

+++ 11:34am: Family visit +++
FC head coach, Achim Beierlorzer has a visitor. On the sidelines, his oldest son is waiting - he's made the trip to Donaueschingen with his motorbike. "Tim is there. He's not far from here, he lives between Stuttgart." After a short chat with his son, he spoke with the journalists.

Achim Beierlorzer spoke about...

…his impressions of training: "It's about getting it our heads, that we want to defend from the front. That's what it's about in one on two and two on four. When the ball is played, we want to be up against it after the first touch. We should win the ball back and not let the opponent play. In eight on eight, that was exactly what we needed. In the end, the team won through two pressing goals - that made my very happy."

…the friendly on Wednesday: "We look at the friendly on Wednesday as a training session. I want to see plenty of running, lots of work against the ball and desire. I want to play everyone. Therefore, one or the other will only play 30 minutes. Wir sehen das Testspiel im Trainingslager als eine Trainingseinheit. Ich verlange eine hohe Laufbereitschaft, viel Arbeit gegen den Ball und Siegeswillen. Ich möchte alle Spieler einsetzen. Deswegen wird der eine oder andere nur 30 Minuten spielen. Wir wollen engagierten Fußball zeigen, aber es ist eine Trainingseinheit.

+++ 1:46pm: Question after question +++
After lunch, media appointments are on the agenda. Timo Horn, Marco Höger, Kingsley Ehizibue, Kingsley Schindler and Achim Beierlorzer have questions ahead of them. For example, Timo Horn spoke to Radio Köln about the previous season and coming away from social media.

+++ 3:45pm: Kölsche Music +++
Before the training officially got underway, kitman, Frank Almstedt set the mood with some Kölsche Music. "Ich kenn ene der ene kennt der sät da jeht noh jet, ich kenn ene der ene kennt dä is noh waach," blasted around the ground at SV Aasen. To the tone of Querbeat's "Da Plän" the coaching team got things underway. 

+++ 3:59pm: Koziello sits out, Alexander Wehrle arrives +++
The second session begins. This time, there is someone missing. Vincent Koziello is absent through a knock, but it's nothing serious - the Frenchman picked up a deadleg and sat out the afternoon's training. The second followed on from the first, as the tactics were played out on the full pitch. Along side that, four players at a time broke away to play football tennis. During the session, FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle arrived at camp.

+++ 5:14pm: Warm-up down, then finished +++
The second day is done. Tomorrow, it's the first friendly of camp. That will take place against FC Bad Dürrheim, with kick-off at 18:00 CEST. The game will be streamed live on: Facebook, YouTube und NetCologne FC-TV

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