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FC’s financial figures for 2019-20

FC Managing Director, Alexander Wehrle presented the club’s financial report for the 2019-20 season in a press round on Wednesday 31st March 2021. The business results have been heavily impacted by the pandemic’s economic effects.

With a turnover of 122.5 million euros and a loss of 23.8 million euros after taxes, 1. FC Köln suffered a significant drop in earnings in the past 2019-20 season after the previous positive results in past years. FC Managing Director, Alexander Wehrle presented the balance sheet in a press conference on March 31st 2021.

“Even when we deliberately started the season with a calculated loss and the associated investment in the first team squad to achieve the goal of staying in the Bundesliga, the pandemic that began in March 2020 and games behind closed doors have impacted the economic substance of the club. The corona-related loss of revenue of 13 million euros could not be compensated for and had a negative impact on the financial results. This was despite the countermeasures that we introduced; in particular, the wage cut taken by the players, the Presidium and the generous support of our season ticket holders and sponsors. We are incredibly grateful to them. The past economically very successful years, with the build-up of equity capital of 38 million euros, have ensured that 1. FC Köln still have a very stable equity capital of 14.8 million euros as of June 30th 2020, despite the pandemic,” said FC Managing Director, Alexander Wehrle.

The key figures

Annual turnover: 122.5 million euros (previous year/2. Bundesliga: 114.6 million euros)
Annual result after taxes: -23.8 million euros (previous year/2. Bundesliga: 1.1 million euros)
Operating result (EBITDA): 0.6 million euros (previous year/2. Bundesliga: 22.4 million euros)
Equity: 14.8 million euros (previous year/2. Bundesliga: 38.6 million euros)

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Total table
161. FSV Mainz 0525
171. FC Köln23
18FC Schalke 0413