Club | 20/09/2022

2021-22 financials

First step towards making FC financially healthy

At the Member Meeting on Tuesday, 20th September 2022, 1. FC Köln’s Managing Directors presented the preliminary financial results for the 2021-22 season. Managing Director, Philipp Türoff presented the numbers for 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V. as well as 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGaA.

With revenue of 148.4 million euros and a loss of 15.7 million euros after taxes, 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGaA generated figures in the past 2021-22 season that, as in the previous year, were heavily influenced by the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. Philipp Türoff explained the figures in his speech to the members: "We have managed to get FC through another year of COVID. However, the club remains a financial restructuring case. FC's debt burden is very high, and its equity has almost been used up. The remarkable sporting development can help to put FC on a stable footing more quickly if we consistently continue along the strategic path we have chosen," said Türoff, who focused on the interim goals that have been achieved: "In this very challenging financial situation, it was important for us to achieve three goals. The liquidity of 1. FC Köln was secured at all times during the year. We have been granted a licence for the current season without any conditions, and we are closing the financial year with positive equity, albeit very low."

In his speech, Türoff thanked all members, fans and partners for their trust in the challenging time and hopes that this support will create a positive effect in the current 2022-23 season: "Assuming that there are no further extraordinary charges due to the exclusion of fans, we are planning to achieve a positive financial result for the GmbH & Co. KGaA for the first time in years. A positive financial result means we are taking the first steps on a multi-year path to becoming economically healthy again."

The presented figures of the for the 2021-22 season are a preliminary result. The annual financial statements will not be finalised and audited until October. The official, final balance sheet will be published again in October after the audited financial statements.

The balance sheet of 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V. for the 2021-22 season also shows a deficit as of 30th June 2022, specifically in the amount of 928,000 euros. A major reason for the negative result is the devaluation of planning costs from the past. "We have thus adjusted the club's balance sheet for possible risks out of commercial prudence and thus made it more future-proof," Türoff explained the measures and nevertheless sees the club in a stable and robust position. "The asset situation of 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V. shows positive equity in the amount of 3,033,000 euro as of 30th June 2022. Liquidity is secured in the short and medium term. Among other things, due to the positive development of membership numbers and the associated membership fees, we expect a positive financial result again for the coming financial year 2022-23."

The financial results

1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGaA (30.06.2022)

  • Revenue: 148.4 million euros (Previous year: 140.6 million euros)
  • Financial result after taxes: -15.7 million euros (Previous year: -3.9 million euros)
  • Liabilities: 66 million euros (Previous year: 68.7 million euros)
  • Equity: 3.2 million euros (Previous year: 16.9 million euros) 

1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e.V. (30.06.2022)

  • Financial result after taxes: -928.000 euros (Previous year: 581.000 euros)
  • Equity: 3.033.000 euros (Previous year: 3.961.000 euros)
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16VfL Bochum3
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