Club | 03/02/2021

Explanation from Board of Directors and Managing Directors

Fritz Esser will not be the new Head of Media and Communication at 1. FC Köln

The 1. FC Köln Board of Directors and Managing Directors along with Fritz Esser have decided against the proposed working relationship with him as the new Head of Media and Communication.

President Dr. Werner Wolf and Managing Director Alexander Wehrle said: “Tolerance, fairness, openness and respect are written as central values in the FC Charter. They are the guiding principles for the entire club, for us and the employees. There have been mistakes made in the selection process. Since the news was made public, we have received accusations that had to be checked over. We will draw conclusions from this. We apologise to all members and fans. We came to know Mr. Esser as a man of integrity with democratic values. Nevertheless, after an intensive exchange, we decided against working together.”

Fritz Esser said, “In the past few days, I was falsely accused of being a Nazi and as a sympathiser of the AfD, as well being insulted on some forums in the worst possible manner. A debate about my person arose from this. A good communicator should never be the focus of attention. These discussions about my attitude distracts from what it should be about; to bring 1. FC Köln forward. That is why I think it is right to not take up the position of Head of Media and Communication. However, I would like to make one thing clear: I stand behind every letter of the FC Charter, as well as the basic liberal order of our democracy and I reject extreme and extremist parties of any kind. Anyone who knows me can have no doubt about that.”

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