Professionals | 09/01/2018

Training on Tuesday

Full speed into the new week

The FC players returned to training on Tuesday with the sight set on a derby to resume the season. Youngster Chris Führich was serenaded with birthday wishes to begin the day.

9 January 2018 marked the twentieth birthday of FC youngster Chris Führich. The birthday boy was serenaded with a birthday song to begin his day. Head coach Stefan Ruthenbeck then split the group up into two to begin the week of training.

Good news arrived for Marcel Risse and Jannes Horn, who were both able to feature on the pitch on Tuesday after suffering from a virus in the previous week. Meanwhile, the trio of Jhon Cordoba, Dominic Maroh, and Joao Queiros worked with rehabilitation coach Dennis Morschel in a separate program.

Asked whether Risse would be an option on Sunday, Ruthenbeck shut it down: “The derby is definitely too soon. He has just returned and will need a little more time.” Despite the unavailability of Risse, Ruthenbeck is pleased with his team’s approach in training. “I have noticed that everyone is taking part and the training sessions are highly intense,” said the FC head coach.

The FC players will train twice on Wednesday.


Training Report
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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
1 1. FC Köln 19
2 1. FC Union Berlin 17
3 Hamburger SV 17