Professionals | 27/12/2017

Interview with Dominic Maroh

“Get back to full health”

From injury to injury, it has been a difficult year for Dominic Maroh. The veteran defender spoke with about his setbacks and his role as a leader in the locker room. Dominic, you picked up a muscular injury in FC’s 1-0 win against Arsenal. How are you feeling these days?

Dominic Maroh: “My feeling is that I am on the right path. The medical department has informed me that my healing process looks normal for this type of injury. It has been about four weeks now and I hope to be fit to start the new year.”

Before your injury you were once again a central cog in the team and took on a lot of responsibility. Do you enjoy taking on this role?

“This is something I have been doing since 2012. When I arrived back then, it was also the plan that I take on responsibility while we rebuild. Before this latest injury I was also feeling quite well after having had some matches under my belt. To then get injured again obviously hurts, but you can also take on responsibility without standing on the pitch. That is what I try to do every day.”

 You have a lot of experience. What can you teach some of the younger players?

“We keep adding new faces. Due to our long list of injuries, it is the logical outcome that we have to bring young players up the ranks to immediately contribute for us. What you try to do is to have talks with them to deal with the pressure but also to alert them that it is a fantastic opportunity for them and that we really need their contribution. They have to bring the things we are missing, like that carefreeness, intrepidness, and youthful spirit. That is why we are happy to have the youngsters and for them to soak up as much as they can.”

Last season you had to deal with two injuries. How do you deal with the fact that you can only look on from the sidelines?

“I have simply been injured too often in the past one-and-a-half year. It has taken from me what I love most in life and that is to play football. Sitting in the stands and only being able to watch is really difficult, particularly when the team is suffering. All I can focus on is my rehabilitation. You have to be fully fit to play in the Bundesliga because it is the highest level of play. I have been trying to use my time to take some distance from what is happening and to do more with my family. But do not get me wrong, I am still doing everything I can to get back to full health as quickly as possible.”

2018 is coming up. What are your resolutions for the new year?

“2017 was not the best year for me since coming to FC. After the injuries, I was not able to get back to the form that I am used to. That has to change in 2018 so that I can get back to where I used to be for many years. Now in the Rückrunde we will try to do what borders on the impossible. The win against Wolfsburg was very important and now we have to see what we can achieve in January. We will go full throttle to put the past few months behind us.”


Dominic Maroh
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