Professionals | 08/12/2017

Friday Training Report

Heintz back in training

Dominique Heintz returned to FC team training on Friday. Stefan Ruthenbeck talked about the result in Belgrade and the upcoming match against SC Freiburg.

Good news arrived at the end of a hectic week: Dominique Heintz was able to return to team training. While most players that featured in the Belgrade match had a separate training menu, the 24-year-old was able to complete the full training session alongside the rest of his teammates.

Interim coach Stefan Ruthenbeck spoke after training about…

  • …what he takes out of the Belgrade match: “Our team never gave up and we were at no point the inferior team. Everything we did against the ball was good. We had our problems in getting into the final third and we showed a lack of procedure.”
  • …the importance of the upcoming Freiburg match: “We have to approach the match as if it were a final. We have to have the mindset of fighting for 95 minutes and to never give up. There will be chances, but we just have to make sure we take them to our use.”
  • …the possibility of playing Heintz on Sunday: “I think it is a bit too soon. Today was the first time he was able to train with the team and I think we have to think about the well-being of the player. We will evaluate how he is feeling tomorrow, but generally speaking, it is too soon.”
  • …SC Freiburg: “I know Freiburg during the second league days and I have had my share of duels against Christian Streich. Their team has played together for many years and will be a difficult one for us to face. Streich has done an excellent job in the development of that team. It will definitely not be easy, but I think we have what it takes to defeat them.”
  • …the injury situation: “Bisseck is on his road to recovery after working with our rehabilitation coach these past few days. Merè and Bittencourt still need some time and I do not expect either one of them to return within the year.”

The FC players will train behind closed doors on Saturday.


Training Report
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