Professionals | 25/01/2020

Thoughts after the game

Heldt: "Analyse and put it behind us"

After the 5:1 defeat to Borussia Dortmund, NetCologne FC-TV spoke with head coach, Markus Gisdol, Timo Horn, Rafael Czichos and FC managing director, Horst Heldt.

Markus Gisdol: “We met an opponent who showed us the holes that we offered them. We were too far off them during the game. We didn’t start how we wanted to either. Dortmund did really well. I believe that everyone, who saw the game in the stadium or on TV, wouldn’t have thought that it was worthy of a 5:1. It felt like we were closer than that and then that last bit was missing to finish things off or to turn the game. For it is important to analyse the game and to talk it over with the team. How we go about it afterwards is always the same. Obviously it’s nicer to analyse wins, but today there is also a lot to talk about. We shouldn’t forget that we have a young team who will learn a lot from this game.”

Timo Horn: “For the majority, we were helpless. Dortmund are incredibly talented and they showed that on the pitch. It start badly, to go behind in the first minute here isn’t ideal. Dortmund were at it from the very start and were able to wait on our mistakes from there. That was exactly what they wanted. Also for the second goal, it was a simple long ball that got in behind our defence. That shouldn’t happen. When you go 2:0 down in Dortmund, then it isn’t easy. After we got a goal back, there was a little bit of hope – we had chances in the second half and were better than in the first. But after they made it 4:1, that was game over.”

Rafael Czichos: “Today, the discipline was missing. We weren’t compact enough together and we didn’t win enough of our challenges. That’s exactly what you need to try and take something from the game here. You’ve seen that there is something to be had this year in Dortmund, when you do things well and you come into the game with the necessary aggressiveness. When you don’t do that here, then Dortmund get into their rhythm and it’s not fun. We must defend with discipline again and work hard against the ball. We should have enough confidence from the last few weeks, that this doesn’t throw us off the rails. I think that we’ll see a very aggressive 1. FC Köln again on Sunday.”

Horst Heldt: “Five goals is too much. Even when that maybe shouldn’t have played out that way, the five goals still hurt and we deserved to lose. We had simple problems with closing the space. Conceding so early on didn’t help either, and that only pushed Dortmund on more. The goals were too easy. After we went 1:0 down, we had a good chance to make it 1:1. We always had that glimmer of hope and that was the same after we made it 3:1. We had the chance to make it 3:2, but it wasn’t to be today. We’ve now got to analyse things and put it behind us. Today, we didn’t stark well and had an opponent who is great going forward.”

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