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Köln Zoo

Hennes is a father

1. FC Köln’s faithful mascot has had children for the first time in FC history, after his female goat friend Ilse gave birth to two female kids.

Like most attractions, the Köln Zoo is also closed during the Coronavirus. But life continues without any passing guests, and sometimes there is new life to be celebrated. Since August 2018, FC club goat, Hennes IX has been living in the Zoo with his female friend, Ilse and his predecessor Hennes VIII at the smaller version of Geißbockheim.

Due to the closure of the Zoo, only a few people noticed what was going on in: Ilse was pregnant and brought two healthy female kids into the world on Friday. For the first time in FC history, a Hennes has had children.

“Now, given that there is little positivity, it is great news that Hennes has become a father. We’re happy for him and Köln Zoo. The small kölsche kids will certainly be very popular with small FC fans as soon as the zoo can open again. Hennes IX is perhaps the first who could form an FC-Geißbock family tree. For that, we wish him the very best,” said Eckhard Sauern, Vice-President of 1. FC Köln.

“Hennes has developed really well in his time at the Zoo”

Hennes is now a little over two years old. He knew his female goat friend, Ilse from his previous home in Petershagen. Until the Coronavirus came along, Hennes has made it to every home game in the RheinEnergieSTADION. “Hennes IX has developed brilliantly and is now very trusting,” said Bernd Marcordes, his keeper at the Zoo. “He already springs into the Hennes mobile on Matchday without us having to do much. For a goat, he learns exceptionally quickly.”

Every day at 8am, Hennes’ keepers look after him and he receives fresh hay to eat. Midday, there are vegetables; Hennes is a big fan of carrots. Two-to-three times a week, Hennes is trained and now isn’t afraid of having his hooves looked after and is able to march along beside the keepers without a leash.

From his looks, Hennes IX is somewhat similar to Hennes I with his long horns. That was the goat that started it all off on 13th February 1950, when 1. FC Köln received him from Williams’ Circus. “It’s very impressive, how well-known and well-loved Hennes IX is,” said Marcordes. “We regularly hear children at the entrance asking their parents if they can go to see Hennes first.” Visitors and visits to the stadium aren’t possible at the moment, but that gives Hennes more time to look after Ilse and his two kids, who are exploring all around them.

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