Professionals | 24/06/2015

Philipp Hosiner is ready to roll

"I have absolutely no fear"

Now that the second attempt at joining FC went through unobstructed, Philipp Hosiner would like to concentrate on the sporting side. With the kidney surgery out of the way, there is nothing restricting the forward from the road to success.

Following the relaxed first training session to start the new season, new FC signing Philipp Hosiner spoke about the state of his body following a major surgery in the winter in which a tumor was removed from his kidney. “I’ve been at 100% for some time now, having completed the team training at Stade Rennes while also working individually with a fitness trainer,” said the 26 year-old. 

“He has got completely normal kidney functions. The performance of the kidney has not been restricted, so there are no reasons to take any additional precautions,” said Internist Dr. Udo Martin, who was the doctor that discovered the tumor during the medicinal check in the winter. "You can criticize me the same way you would criticize any other player." - Hosiner “The tumor was limited to the single organ, making it a straight forward surgical procedure. That it was handled so quickly, lies on the good physical condition Philipp is in. He brushed it away quickly and was back in training in no time,” said Dr. Martin. There were no noticeable aftereffects following the procedure. In many ways Hosiner seems even more fit these days than he was prior to the operation. “High performance sport with a tumor in the body is always going to be more difficult than without one,” said Martin. 

Hosiner is not looking for any sort of special treatment due to what he had to overcome. In contrast: “For me, this is a matter that was concluded weeks ago. I am not looking for pity, nor do I expect preferential treatment.” The Austrian, who will take the pitch this season wearing the number 15, goes on: “I have absolutely no fear that something could go wrong in a physical duel. Everything has fully healed and is as you would want it to be. When I take the pitch, the kidney is not something I will be thinking about,” said Hosiner. 


Philipp Hosiner
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