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Best balance sheet in club history

Increase in Turnover and Profits

Managing Director Alexander Wehrle released the financial statement for 1. FC Köln in the 2014/15 season at the Mitgliederversammlung 2015. FC has seen an increase in all categories, with the yearly turnover and profits hitting a club record.

With almost 90 million Euros in earnings and a profit of 5.5 million Euros before tax, last season marked the best result in the club's history. The figure was presented at the Mitgliederversammlung (Club Members Meeting) on Thursday, October 1st, 2015.

"The earnings of the previous season were not attained at the expense of success on the sporting side or through the lack of substance. It was also not attained through some extraordinary means, but by the continued development of the club 1. FC Köln," said Managing Director Alexander Wehrle. The record figures were attained through a combination of the increased TV revenue from playing in the top flight and the increase in merchandising sales (around 11 million Euros), as well as the stable stadium attendance and marketing revenues.

The club's debt decreased in the year 2014/15 to 22 million Euros (minus 2.2 million), while equity rose to 2.7 milliion Euros (plus 2.1 million).

The complete figures:

Yearly turnover: 89.7 million Euros (Previous year: 72.4 million Euros)

Annual returns before tax: 5.5 million Euros (Previous year 1.2 million Euros)

Annual returns after tax: 2.7 million Euros (Previous year: 0.5 million Euros)

Operating Income: 15.5 million Euros (Previous year: 10.1 million Euros)

Equity: 2.7 million Euros (Previous year: 0.6 million Euros)

Net debts: 22 million Euros (Previous year: 24.2 million Euros)


Mitgliederversammlung Alexander Wehrle
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