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FC Captain

Jonas Hector: “We’ve got to be brave”

On Saturday afternoon, 1. FC Köln face Bayern Munich. FC captain, Jonas Hector spoke on Wednesday on working off the loss against Gladbach, the challenge of Bayern Munich and the goals for the game.

Jonas Hector on…

…working off the derby: We do it every week, when it comes to analysing our game and looking at what we didn’t do well. But also those that were okay or that were good. We’ve done that internally and won’t make that public. We made too many simple mistakes and that helped the opponent. We’ve got to cut that out. There were a lot of Gladbach plays that we created ourselves.

…the challenge of Bayern: You can definitely be brave against Bayern. Hertha, for example, did it in the first half against Bayern. They were very brave and had the lead at the break. You’ve got to try and do that for 90 minutes. When you know how Bayern play with their style und with a very good team, it’s naturally difficult to do that the full game. We must still be courageous in order to take something from the game.

…the aims against Bayern: “If we just want to give up, then there is no point going to Munich. That’s why training is on the programme, where we’re focusing on our challenges to offer something in the game. Otherwise we might as well give them the three points and stay at home. We want to put in a good performance and give our best.”

…Bayern’s busy week: “We’ll see how it is on Saturday, as to whether or not it has an influence. We wouldn’t complain if they were all tired. But they’ve got a good squad, where you can make changes. Therefore, there’ll be a decent team on the pitch.”

…being reunited with Germany team-mates: “It’s always nice to meet your colleagues. But it’s only been a week since we last seen each other, and now we’ll meet again. Games in Munich are always difficult. Therefore, I’m not massively looking forward to it – but it’s nice to see them again. (laughs)”

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