Professionals | 12/02/2019

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Meré: “We won’t get anything handed to us”

Between the two training sessions on Tuesday, 1. FC Köln’s Jorge Meré spoke about the important home win against St. Pauli, the goals conceded from set-pieces, the upcoming game against Paderborn and his good friend, Jhon Cordoba.

On Tuesday, Jorge Meré spoke to the gathered media at Geißbockheim about…

…the home win against FC St. Pauli: “We didn’t win against Bochum or against Union, and therefore it was unbelievably important that we took three points against St. Pauli. We played very well and deserved to win. We’ve got to keep playing like that. Against Bochum and against Union it didn’t work out as we wanted. Against St. Pauli, it went well from the start. We must always be concentrated, to start the game well.”

…the 2. Bundesliga: “We have lots of very good players, but we shouldn’t think that we’re automatically the best. The 2. Bundesliga is very complicated and very close. You’ve got to work very hard to win games. That’s how we should think. We won’t get anything given to us. It’s all work.”

…the goals conceded from set-pieces: “In the last two or three games, the opponents were often dangerous against us from set-pieces. We must continue to work on that, so that we improve. We’ve got to defend set-pieces better.”

…the upcoming opponent, SC Paderborn 07: “Paderborn are a very strong team, especially going forward. They score lots of goals, but that also applies to us. We have also scored a lot. Against Paderborn, we’ve really got to be on it. They can use the room behind the defence well. They play very vertically and counter quickly. Our defence must be quick and always be awake.”

…his good friend and team-mate, Jhon Cordoba: “If the entire team works well and all play well, then every individual can show off their quality better. Jhon has a lot of quality, that we all know. Last year he was permanently under pressure and he lost some of his confidence. However, this year he’s got it back and is showing what he can do.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
14 SC Paderborn 07 0
15 1. FC Köln 0
16 SV Werder Bremen 0