Professionals | 24/03/2020

DFL Presidium

No games in April

The Deutschen Fußball-Liga DFL Presidium have recommended to postpone the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga matches until at least 30th April.

The Presidium of the DFL held a video conference for several hours today about the league around the situation and measures of preventing and slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. The Presidium, which FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle is a part of, were clear that the scenarios and options are dependent on external factors, which the DFL and the clubs have little to no influence over. In their statement, the DFL recommended to postpone both the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga until 30th April at least. The member meeting for the DFL will be on March 31st.

“We have given ourselves breathing space with the postponement of the leagues until 30th April, so that we are no longer constantly reacting to the ongoing situation. Short-term, a normal team training and therefore a sporting competition aren’t imaginable. The health of our players, employees and fans is more important. As a club with over 111,000 members, 1. FC Köln has to be a role model in this situation,” said FC managing director, Alexander Wehrle.

He added, “Politics and authorities, with which we are regularly in contact, are currently faced with a very difficult process with difficult decisions. Football is not so important in the grand scheme of things. The joint goal of German club football – to play the 2019-20 season to an end – remains. There are different scenarios, in which we can now more intensively look at, without the constant pressure from outside. That is part of the responsibility that we carry for our clubs and millions of fans. ”

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Total table
11. FC Köln0
21. FC Union Berlin0
31. FSV Mainz 050