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The day at FC

Pawlak: "Magdeburg is too far away for a day out"

After training on Wednesday, FC head coach, André Pawlak spoke about the final game of the season against Magdeburg, the under-21s staying up and his own future.

1. FC Köln completed the last open training session of the week on Monday morning. FC head coach, André Pawlak watched over the team as they warmed up before heading into passing drills. Two teams faced off on half the pitch with four small goals. After that, came a short and sweet tournament between three teams.

Brady Scott heads to Poland for the under-20 World Cup
Anthony Modeste was not part of training on Wednesday, as the striker completed an individual session with Dennis Morschel. Brady Scott was also missing on Wednesday, as he prepares for the under-20 World Cup with the USA in Poland. Scott will face Ukraine, Nigeria and Qatar in the group stages. The 19-year-old is the first-choice goalkeeper for his country and was part of the under-20 side that won the CONCACAF championship last year. He was also chosen as Goalkeeper of the Tournament.

André Pawlak spoke after training about… 

…a possible return to the U21: "I can't say that for definite. We have agreed, that we will discuss things in the week after the Magdeburg game. There are a few options. I'm happy at the club and I would happy to stay at the club. I can picture everything. I can picture myself with the under-21s, but I can also imagine things going in a different direction. I have no claims or ambitions to say that I must go here or there. I'm satisfied, I have a two-year deal and everything else: next week."

…the final game of the season against Magdeburg:
"We're sportsmen. We're footballers. We alway play to win. Magdeburg is too far away for a day trip. I want to win every game and I believe, that the boys are like that too. Obviously it doesn't mean anything in terms of the table for both of us. Magdeburg have gone down, we've gone up. But it's about the three points. It's about pride. It's about going into the new season with a good feeling. We don't want to end on two defeats. There are good reason, why we want to win in Magdeburg."

…the future of the under-21s and securing safety: "I want the under-21s to be Rückrunde champions. That would be the case with a win in Wuppertal. It was our aim to play a super Rückrunde. It only counts on paper but it would still be great to be Rückrunde champions at the end. There will be a new beginning with the reserves. The relationship to the first-team should become closer. The team should be more stable. Therefore, one or the other will be brought in, so that there is already a bit of experience in that area. Tha tis the plan. I believe that the team will do well next year."

What else went on...
The German Football Association's (DFB) sporting court suspended Jhon Cordoba for two league games. The FC striker was sent off for a foul on Regensburg's Hamadi Al Ghaddioui. As a result, the striker will miss the first Bundesliga game of the 2019-20 season.

FC signed Julian Krahl. The under-19 German youth international goalkeeper has signed on a free transfer from RB Leipzig and has penned a contract through to 2022.

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
12 1. FC Union Berlin 20
13 1. FC Köln 20
14 Hertha BSC 19