Professionals | 29/04/2019

Press conference with Pawlak and Veh

Pawlak: "We want to clear the heads"

On Monday, André Pawlak took charge of first-team training for the first time. In the following press conference, he spoke about the new challenge and his approach with the team. Managing director, Armin Veh spoke about the reasons for the reasons for the change and the decision for André Pawlak.

André Pawlak spoke about…

…his new position: “As the news came that I should speak to Armin, I already thought that we weren’t going to meet for coffee. I didn’t have to think about it for long. I’ve been a coach for 18 years, and you’ve got to take your chance. Obviously I want to help the club. I’m very pleased that I’ve been given the trust. And I’m looking forward to the work with the team, with Manni Schmid and everyone around. The under-21s are in good hands.”

…his playing ideas: “We want do anything huge or wild in terms of tactics. Until Monday, we’ll find a basic way to do things but we won’t do something new week on week. I believe that it’s important for the boys that we have a clear line. We must be careful to find a good balance between attack and defence. I like to play attacking football, but naturally with the right set-up at the back. We will speak with all the players and everyone will have the opportunity to present themselves. That’s how it always is with a new coach. It could be that there will be one or two new men in the squad.”

…the work with the team: “Manfred Schmid and I will try to bring fun to training and talk a lot with the players – but also, to prepare will for the game against Fürth. That is our goal: three points.”

…the first training session: “This morning, I experienced an engaged team at training. After four games without a win, it’s about clearing the head. Manni Schmid and I are here to bring the team back on track.”

Armin Veh spoke about…

…the reasons for the change of manager: “It’s always been said that we have already been safely promoted. I’m of a different opinion. I have experienced a lot in sport. We can’t take things lightly. We must win at least one more game. Even when no-one outside of Köln can understand sacking a coach as table-toppers, it was a necessary step for us and we didn’t take it lightly. It wasn’t the first time, that we’ve had a few games in a row with problems. This crisis was one too many for me. Even when it was a decision I didn’t want to make, it was necessary. That most important thing is that, our goal, promotion, is achieved. With our decision, as to how it goes afterwards, we won’t let ourselves be put under pressure from outside.”

…the decision for André Pawlak: “The under-21s have played very well under André Pawlak. He also impressed me in our talks. We’ve been in contact for a while due to his previous work and have spoken a lot. We have clearly agreed that the decision is for three games. How it goes after that, there hasn’t yet been a decision. What is important, is that the team already know André. And I know, how he’s led the under-21s. To know that and to know him was important for me. To make him head coach was a logical decision.”

…Markus Anfang: “Markus Anfang has been very successful in his young career. To be dismissed while time of the table won’t be a black mark on his career. I’m sure that he will do well.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
16 Fortuna Düsseldorf 12
17 SC Paderborn 07 8
18 1. FC Köln 8