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New FC head coach

Press conference with Achim Beierlorzer

Achim Beierlorzer was officially as 1. FC Köln head coach on Thursday afternoon. In the press conference at Geißbockheim, the new FC head coach spoke about his new job, his goals with FC and his new assistants, Manfred Schmid and André Pawlak.

Achim Beierlorzer on…

…his new job: I’m looking forward to the team, the club, the city and the people. I am massively excited ahead of the job. I want to establish FC in the Bundesliga again. FC have a great city and amazing fans behind them.

…his assistants, André Pawlak and Manfred Schmid: “We had intensive discussions with both of them. They definitely convinced me. I’m looking forward to working with them. It’s the truth: I’m looking forward to coaching the team with André and Manni. Because I’m convinced of them as people after we got to know each other. My assistants aren’t there to just put out the cones. They must think and analyse like a head coach. Then there is a good discussion. We’ve already had one, and that’s why we’re so happy with the solution. André and Manni know, how I tick and how I see football. I know how they work. That works for us.”

…the team: “FC have a Bundesliga team. We will strengthen in a few positions – and then I’m really looking forward to going into the Bundesliga with the team. The strengths of the current FC team are in attack. The team have pace and power going forward. When you play such attacking football, then you’re vulnerable on the counter and not so defensively stable in 2. Liga. If there is a weakness in the current FC team, then it is defending the counter. We’ll work on that. The team, which I have gotten to learn, are open to new things. We definitely won’t go into every game in the Bundesliga as favourites.”

…getting to know the team: “I introduced myself to the team this morning. I find that the team should be the first to get to know me. But I also want to get to know the people in Geißbockheim. We must all be on the same page.”

…the way he wants to play football: “I want to play very active football in all phases of the game. With the ball, I’d rather go forward than play it about three times at the back. Against the ball, we’ll not give the opponents any time so long as that is possible. But, at the same time, we need to stay compact. I want it to be so that every player in the team wants to contribute to every phase of play. We will go into our tackles and challenges aggressively in Bundesliga, so that we can bring our counter to the fore. Our counter attack can be a weapon. I find 4-4-2 very good, because you develop pressure well with two strikers.”

…his goals with FC: “We want to quickly establish ourselves in the Bundesliga. That means having nothing to do with the bottom of the table as quickly as possible and then seeing how many games we have left. I am a positive person. I see the here and now, that I can handle and shape. In Regensburg, everyone said that we should focus on staying up with the team. We then finished fifth. It’s worth it, to go into things with a positive mindset.”

…his work as head coach: “Leading people is the decisive part of what head coaches must do in their daily work. I have three kids and grew up in a big family. That shaped me. My goal as a head coach is to make players better. In training, with individual discussions, through video analysis.”

…head coaches he admires: “The way Ottmar Hitzfeld went about his business impressed me. Perhaps that was also because I knew that he was also a maths and sport teacher beforehand. And if you look at the managers today, then Jürgen Klopp is someone I like. The way that he has developed things at Liverpool is interesting. I’ve also taken a few things from Ralf Rangnick, being it paying attention to the small things and how they affect the team.”

…the city of Köln: “During my coaching badges in Hennef, I was in Köln a few times. I know the Dom, I know the Rhein – Karneval I don’t yet know. I’m looking forward to getting to know the city and the people.”

…the pushing of FC talents: “That’s quite an important aspect for me. We also have players with high potential in the under-21s. The step to the Bundesliga is big. But whoever brings talent and patience with them, we want to bring them with us.”

Armin Veh on…

…the decision for Achim Beierlorzer: “We watched Achim Beierlorzer – how he trained, how he got on with the team, what he did tactically. I’m convinced that we made a good decision with Achim. I’m pleased that you’re here, Achim.”

…the coaching staff: “With Achim Beierlorzer as head coach and Manfred Schmidt and Andre Pawlak as assistants, we have a really good set-up.”

…the set-up for scouting, which Manfred Schmid had previously: “We will again fill the position of FC chief scout with a football coach. Who that is, we will announce in the next few days.”

…possible new signings: “The fact that we need more dynamism, that is clear.”

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