Club | 25/09/2017

Balance Sheet 2016/17

Record Earnings for FC

FC Managing Director Alexander Wehrle presented the financial results for the 2016/17 season at the Club Members’ Meeting. 1. FC Köln have had a positive development all around, with sales and profits once again higher than ever before.

With a turnover of 129.2 million Euros and a profit of 16.8 million Euros before taxes, 1. FC Köln once again achieved the best results of the club’s history for the third time in a row in 2016/17. The balance sheet was presented on Monday, 25 September 2017 at the 1. FC Köln Mitgliederversammlung (Club Members’ Meeting).

“These figures were not attained simply through saving, because we also made a deliberate investment, within our realm, to remain competitive from a sporting standpoint. It should be emphasized that we have a solid equity of 20.2 million Euros after years of consolidation. Thanks to the excellent performance that saw us end in fifth place, we were able to clearly exceed the economic figures projected at the start of the season,” said FC Managing Director Alexander Wehrle.

In addition to the high attendance revenues and the once again record sales in merchandising, the result also contributed to a higher transfer surplus.

The key figures in detail:

Annual Turnover: 129.2 million Euros (Previous year: 107 million Euros)
Annual Profit before taxes: 16.8 million Euros (Previous year: 10.5 million Euros)
Annual Profit after taxes: 11.1 million Euros (Previous year: 6.4 million Euros)
EBITDA: 28.6 million Euros (Previous year: 21.9 million Euros)
Equity: 20.2 million Euros (Previous year: 9.2 million Euros)

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Total table
131. FSV Mainz 0537
141. FC Köln36
15FC Augsburg36