Professionals | 18/12/2018

Terodde, Risse and Anfang have their say

Terodde: “Go where it hurts”

After the superb 3:0 home win against Magdeburg on Monday evening, NetCologne FC-TV spoke with goalscorer, Simon Terodde, birthday boy, Marcel Risse and head coach, Markus Anfang.

Simon Terodde: “We started the game very well and had a big chance to make it 1:0. We managed to score at exactly the right time and also after half-time, it was hugely important. In the end we managed to score again and deservedly won 3:0. With my goal, I wasn’t sure if it was going in and that’s why I went for it. I strained my body and took on the post. As a striker, you’ve got to go where it hurts. The game probably won’t go into the history books, but three points are the most important thing. After the game in Hamburg, we’ve been on a really good run of form, scored lots of goals and not given anything away at the back. The Karneval season keeps going a little longer, and we want that to continue.”

Marcel Risse: “The last time that I won five games in a row was in Mainz, when we won seven consecutive matches at the start of the season. It would be great, if we could continue on this path a little longer and add a few more games to that list. We were dominant throughout the game. Magdeburg, however, did have one or two chances to go ahead but then we scored the opening goal and made it 2:0 relatively quickly after half-time. The game then went smoothly after that. We played it cleverly. We could have perhaps scored another goal, then that would have served more peace of mind a little earlier.”

Markus Anfang: “We started the game really well and had two chances to go ahead early on in the game. Then Magdeburg came back into the game with a few good counter-attacking opportunities. It’s a relief, when you make it 2:0 just after half-time. It went well and we will do everything possible, so that it goes exactly the same way against Bochum. But it won’t happen itself, we must continue to work hard for it. We have already shown the past that we have depth and can rely on everyone. What we have done in the last five games, we’ve also got to do that against Bochum. We have to go out with the self confidence, the belief and the passion and continue to believe that with our game, as we did today, can win.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
12 1. FC Union Berlin 20
13 1. FC Köln 20
14 Hertha BSC 19