Professionals | 30/04/2019

Training at Geißbockheim

The Day at FC: Game, fun and school

The FC players trained at Geißbockheim on Tuesday morning. Jorge Meré spoke after the session about the current week of training, the change of manager and his impressions of André Pawlak.

The fun with the FC players on Tuesday was clear to see. After the warm-up, things got intense with the ball. André Pawlak watched over the team as they went through attacking and defensive drills. Tony Modeste was only able to watch on for the final minutes as he went through his individual routine with rehab coach, Dennis Morschel.

Plaster on the knee

Louis Schaub was, however, part of team training on Tuesday. On Monday, the FC attacker had to stop training early after he took a knock to the knee from Noah Katterbach. Pawlak did speak about that in the press conference afterwards, “He took a knock but it’s nothing major. He’s gone home with a small plaster.” That plaster was there for all to see on Tuesday.

One of 87,000

Noah Katterbach was absent on Tuesday from FC training. Katterbach is one of 87,000 pupils in NRW who will sit their A-levels this week. On Tuesday, it’s time for the German exam. On Thursday, the FC talent will sit his next exam.

Jorge Meré speaks about his impressions of the new coaching team

After FC training, Jorge Meré spoke about the current training week, the change of coach and his impressions from André Pawlak.

…the previous days: “We have got to know our new coach and everything is going very well. The intensity in training was very high. The team is very motivated. We have trained really well in the last few days. We are now concentrating on the game on Monday. We want the three points above all else and to achieve our goal.”

…the coaching change: “If I coach has to go, then all are at fault. Not just the coach. Everyone must think about what they’ve done wrong and must be critical with themselves. That’s the situation now. We must keep working and achieve our goal.”

…his impressions from the new coaching staff: “We already knew André. It’s very important to him that we are compact against the ball and maintain a good set-up. The team have understood that and now we’re trying our best to put that into practice.”

…fun in training: “When we have fun with football and the ball, that’s very important. Otherwise, you can’t play well. We have experienced a lot this season, how it is to win and to have fun, but we’ve not won in four games. From Monday, we want to experience that again.”

…possible change of system through the change of coach: “We can also play with a back four. We’ve already done that this season. We must get used to it as quickly as possible, but it’s nothing new for us.”

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
16 1. FSV Mainz 05 9
17 1. FC Köln 7
18 SC Paderborn 07 4