Professionals | 07/01/2019

Training at Geißbockheim

The day at FC: Two sessions to start the week

FC went into a short week at Geißbockheim at full pace. Two days before the flight to the training camp in Mallorca, the coaches increased the load for the FC players with two intensive sessions.

Matthias Lehmann, Benno Schmitz and Marco Höger didn’t train with the team on Monday, but instead completed individual programmes. For all the others, two sessions were on the cards.

In the morning, the team went through an extensive session with a 45-minute match across the entire pitch. The second session took place on Training Pitch 1, as normal, which was shorter but very intense. As in the days before, the teams continued in tournament form with three teams playing against each other. The team that were not involved in the match completed some running drills with fitness coach, Max Weuthen.

Between the two sessions, Markus Anfang spoke to the journalists at Geißbockheim about…

…the injury to Marco Höger: “He picked it up yesterday in a challenge and realised something was up, but was able to continue. We’ll see how things develop in the next days and how it develops, with a view to whether or not he can participate in the training camp.”

…the squad for tomorrow’s friendly: “Along with Marco (Höger) and Vincent (Koziello), Benno Schmitz and Matze Lehmann are also absent. With Lasse (Sobiech) we want to wait to see how he gets on today in training. He only came back yesterday. Perhaps we can let him play for 45 minutes tomorrow evening. Chrille (Clemens) also seems okay, and that should work out.”

…Nikolas Nartey in defensive midfield: “He also played on the six in pre-season and is a good player in this position. He has the potential for it. Unfortunately, he was always injured when he was on a good path. Therefore we first have to make sure that he remains stable.”

…the training camp in Mallorca: “The good thing is, that you can get through a lot of sessions in the main preparation phase. You can train a lot and get the players together to talk about things in detail. With the weather, it doesn’t matter – you never know what it’s going to be like, no matter where you go in Winter. We hope that, at least, it isn’t so cold and we have a good base. We’ll travel to and from there on the bus, and we’ve got to plan that.”

…private travels to Mallorca: “Now I’ve got to be careful (laughs). I was already there privately and with a team. Both were enjoyable, you can do everything… I’ve been told (laughs).”

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