Club | 30/09/2015

FC Club Members Meeting

The Mitgliederversammlung

On Thursday at 7 pm is the annual Mitgliederversammlung (FC Club Members Meeting) held at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. In addition to discussing the conclusion of a successful season and concerns regarding alterations to the amendments to the club, a new club members council will be voted for.

In the upcoming Mitgliederversammlung 2015, the board members and directors of the club will submit a report on the 2014/15 season and announce previously unreleased financial figures. A new club members council will also be voted for. In addition, suggestions to changes in the club amendments will be presented and discussed. This is why we invite all club members to attend the even on Thursday evening. Participation is important and well worth it!

As a special thank you each participant will receive a coupon with up to 10 Euros off club merchandise in the fan shops. Those who cannot personally attend the Mitgliederversammlung have the opportunity to view a live stream on NetCologne FC-TV or follow the official FC-LiveTicker.

FC-TV can be accessed for free by all club members of FC. The login works with the same username and password for the club membership section of the homepage. For any technical difficulties, please refer to

The Migliederrat

The Mitgliederrat is the official club members council of FC. Since 2002, 1. FC Köln has greatly expanded the opportunities for club members to participate and voice their opinions. As part of the 1. FC Köln 01/07 e.V., the council advises the board in club matters of importance. In this way, the club members are involved in the decision-making process, thus providing for more transparency overall and establishing a democracy much like in a grassroots environment. The chairman of the club members council and his deputy also belong to the joint committee, which has a significant influence on the operational business  of 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGaA.

We will look forward to you participation on Thursday!


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