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Build-up to the Regensburg game

Timo Horn: "We can’t let up"

On Friday, 1. FC Köln travel to Jahn Regensburg. After training on Tuesday, FC goalkeeper, Timo Horn spoke of his memories of his last game in Regensburg and on the current winning streak.

It has been more than six years since 1. FC Köln last played against Jahn Regensburg away from home. So for Timo Horn the memories from a noteworthy 3-2 win are still present, as FC turned around a two-goal deficit in the last six minutes. For Horn, it was his 11th game as a professional.

After training on Tuesday morning, the 25-year-old spoke with the journalists at Geißbockheim about…

…the last game in Regensburg: „It started off really badly for us. We were 2-0 down and weren‘t playing well. In the end it couldn’t have gone any better, after all it doesn‘t happen every day that you turn around a game where you’re 2-0 down into a 2-3 win – especially in the last minute. I think it was Sascha Bigalke who scored the winner (in the 93rd minute, ed). Naturally the joy was immense and it gave us a push for the next games.“

…the game on Friday against Regensburg: „We know what awaits us. Just like they were five years ago, they are a team that are very fit and work very aggressively at home. In Darmstadt you saw that you’ve got to stand up to the pressure in the opening minutes. We are also expecting the same against Regensburg.“

…the current winning run: „You can see how quickly things can change. Three or four weeks ago, we were still talking about very different things. Now we have – apart from the first half in Darmstadt – put in three very convincing performances. It’s very impressive how many chances we’re creating going forward and that we were so dominant against Greuther Fürth, who could have moved one point behind us. I didn’t have to contribute much to that and that can gladly continue. I’m happy not to be busy but I think that it will be a different game in Regensburg.“

…the difference from the previous poor form: „We learned from it. The coach told us on Monday in our discussions that we should keep things going and shouldn’t let up. That is always the danger when you win games with a relatively high score-line and think in the next game, that it will work out itself. Then, like last time, there will be a rude awakening. With our two strikers up top, we’re always in the position to score goals. And at the back the boys have done a really good job and we’ve definitely developed from that. Therefore, I am convinced that we won’t slip back into a dry spell.“

…reasons for the improved defence: „You can look to many reasons. It can be the system, but it is pointless to discuss whether or not it would have worked out with another system. We started on the front foot against Greuther Fürth. We’ve not given the opposition room to breathe. When you don’t manage to achieve that, to close the space, then it’s tough for the guys at the back.“

…the season goals: „It doesn’t matter, whether or not we get promoted as first or second. It’s about everyone bringing their qualities and doing everything in order to rise to the Bundesliga. It would obviously the icing on the cake – as it was with the last promotion – to be first. It is our goal to overtake Hamburg. If we hadn’t played so badly there, then we would be. We can work things out in the right way and Hamburg will surely have another tough run.“

…the return of Anthony Modeste: „Who knows Tony and has seen him in training, already knows that he still has the finishing qualities that he did from before. He holds onto all the balls that come his way. It is obviously crazy, what options we currently have as centre forwards. It rarely happens in the 2. Bundesliga, that such guys even end up on the bench from time to time. Above all, he’ll help us in the long run. Like he was before, he is a huge boost to the mood and he has already taken up his role as DJ in the dressing room. He’s brought a lot with him and he ist he same player and character he always was. I believe that will be even greater, when he plays his first game for us.“

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Total table
PL. Team Pt.
1 1. FC Köln 63
2 SC Paderborn 07 57
3 1. FC Union Berlin 57